Bathroom Cabinets And Shelving

Bathroom Cabinets And Shelving

Nothing beats the timeless appeal of wood, but bathroom furniture is different from other parts of your home. In order for it to last long, it must withstand moisture.

Naturally, classic wooden cabinets are still a long way off, but they need to be painted properly. Your best choice would be teak as it is naturally moisture resistant, however you must be prepared to spend a lot of money.

Many bathroom cabinets on the market are made of MDF or plywood However, both materials are equally susceptible to damage in humid environments. The edges tend to soak up water and become visibly thicker.

If you want a permanent option, PVC cabinets are your most durable and cost-effective choice. PVC is available as a plastic a variety of color options to give your bathroom a sleek, modern look.

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