Bed Skirt Ideas

Bed Skirt Ideas

There are two main types of bed skirts: gatheredAnd tailor-made. The first method uses a sewing technique to create a bouncy, bulky look with lots of fabric. The other takes into account your bed’s specific dimensions to get a straight, flat edge of fabric and wrap it around the outside of your bed frame.

Collected bed skirts are often cheaper as custom bed skirts are much more specific and require exact measurements rather than just the size of a mattress.

Which would work best for you? That depends on the look you’re looking for. If you are looking for a sleek, modern and minimalist lookThen a tailored bed skirt might be your best bet.

For a more boho or romantic lookConsider the ruffled type of bed skirt. They can help make a bed look fuller, more relaxed and more comfortable – which is often just the feeling you need in a bedroom anyway!

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