Choosing the right loloi rugs for all the rooms in your home

Choosing the right loloi rugs for all the rooms in your home

Choosing the right type of carpet for every room in your home can be an overwhelming task. You have many decisions to make regarding the color of the rug, its size, pile height, and so on. A popular rug brand is the Loloi rugs that offer different types of beautiful rugs in terms of sizes, shapes and style. The carpets are designed to last longer and different types of carpets are available for every room in the house.

For the living room

Colorful Loloi rugs like the Giselle are perfect for the living room as they help liven up the space with neutral decor. Usually, a colorful rug goes with almost everything. This Loloi rug is made from hand-knotted Indian silk fabrics.

Carpets for bedrooms

With an 8′ x 10′ Loloi rug to place under a queen-size bed, you can make your bedroom appear larger so you can see the rug from all sides of the bed. The Loloi Sahara rug in wool and hand-knotted jute with a geometric pattern is the best choice if you want to give your bedroom a modern look.

For the dining room

You can choose a Loloi rug larger than 8″ x 10″ for your dining room, which will protect the back legs of the dining room chairs from falling off the edge. The Loloi Anzio is a type of rug that is flat woven from wool. This loloi rug is also easy to clean and durable, making it last longer. Placing this rug in a cool place will add texture and warmth.

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