Daybed Covers Sets

Daybed Covers Sets

The purpose of a day duvet cover set is to dress up a bed and turn it into a couch during the day. A cloud of dust hides every mechanism under the bed, making the bed look like an ordinary couch. Quilted or plain pillowcases can be placed over large pillows to reduce seat depth. Or the depth can be held back, turning the daybed into a deep couch. Still, there are many variations in the style and type of duvet that the day bed can be made out of.

Quilted toppers

Quilting is an ancient art that begins with the need to pad metal armor or add insulation to a coat. Quilted bedspreads were originally made from whole pieces of fabric sewn together to hold them in place, or bats of wool or cotton between layers. Of course, women of all walks of life have created patterns for the stitches over the years. Patchwork is designed to utilize all available fabric scraps. Probably the most famous patchwork style, the Victorian Crazy Quilt used embroidery, buttons, braid and more to create a bedspread that amazes with color and ingenuity.


Pillowcases are covers that are placed over pillows. They are often quilted and adjust to the distribution. Three cushions at the back of the daybed is traditional, but you can of course add throw pillows and other decorative pillows if you like.

dust skirt

A cloud of dust around the edge of the bed helps to hide extra beds or storage boxes under the bed. It can be ruffled or a simple straight piece of fabric with a gusset or slit at the corners of the bed. For day beds, it helps hide the structure of the furniture, making it look more like a couch. Bedspreads help give the impression that a daybed is actually a couch. They can be formal, fun, or just plain casual. This usually includes a comforter, a pouf, and at least two or three pillowcases that match the pouf and comforter. They can be a smart way to turn an ordinary single bed into a deep couch during the day and retain its function as a simple bed at night. Which cover you choose depends on your taste, your style of living and the location and use of the daybed. Below are ten examples.

Reversible beige and white daybed set

Transform any daybed into a comfortable sofa with this reversible Alta 6-piece daybed cover from Zipcode Design. On one side the set is beige with a white design and on the other side it is white with a beige design. The main design is an interlocking fretwork. The matching decorative cushions are made of solid fabric with an embroidered pattern. The set includes pillowcases, bedspreads and duster ruffles.

Five-piece cotton set

Dress up your daybed with a five piece bold cotton daybed set. It features a burgundy throw, three pillowcases and a striped ruffle. The set is made from 150 thread count cotton and the duvet is filled with cotton filling to allow it to breathe. All parts are machine washable.

Six Piece Daybed Set

Alcott Hill have several six piece daybed sets including the Farnham daybed set. These sets are mostly made of cotton and are either plain or printed, depending on your taste. Day beds are a beautiful way to brighten up your bedroom. They transform a small bed into a day couch, making it an inviting place to rest or read.

Six Piece Daybed Set

Transform your guest room into a living room, sewing room or office and accommodate overnight guests. Install a daybed and make up for it with this six-piece Lavallie daybed set from Alcott Hill. The skirt is simple – no frills, and the bedspread has a soft orange print. Also includes three pillowcases and a decorative pillow.

White Five Piece Daybed Set

Evolve understated elegance with this white Felicity five piece daybed from Laura Ashley Home. The skirt is simple and without ruffles. The quilt is made of quilted cotton in white on white. Three plain white pillowcases complete the set. It’s perfect for a young woman’s room or a low-key guest bedroom.

Bright Patchwork Daybed Set

The colorful patchwork of this five piece reversible daybed set from Camano Island can brighten up any room and create an inviting place to rest or read. The ruffled striped skirt is topped by a patchwork bedspread with alternating blocks of red plaid, white, brown and striped. Contains two quilted bluffs and one standard bluff.

Formal day bed set in burgundy

This kit is perfect for preparing an efficient apartment or dorm for a day site. The striped skirt is sheer with no frills and the hem is a quilted plain burgundy. Three solid shades of burgundy with stripped cords are included.

Five piece daybed set in ivory

Sheer skirt without ruffles, topped with a traditional quilted ivory blanket and accompanied by three pillowcases. This Nassau Daybed Set is a sure winner for a formal room or as a wedding gift. Beautiful without being noticeable, it can easily become the perfect foil for other room features. Brought to you by Tommy Bahama.

The Bauer Grove five panel reversible daybed from Bauer features a muted quilted block with nine patch prints spread over a matching sprint skirt. Pillowcases include one bill to match the skirt and two to match the comforter. A lovely set perfect for shabby chic or cottage decor.

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