Decorative Kitchen Canisters Sets

Decorative Kitchen Canisters Sets

Kitchen canisters have a long tradition and are designed to help keep food fresh and safe from bugs. This is reminiscent of the nursery rhyme about the miller boy who “lived alone and all the bread and cheese he had on the shelf”. You don’t have to “go to London to buy a wife” (a slightly incorrect quote there) with beautiful, decorative kitchen canister sets. Most of the sets listed below come with rubber grommets or gaskets to keep your food safe.

Memories of grandma’s kitchen

Canisters don’t just protect food. They set the tone for your kitchen. Whether you’re a tall teenager, a twenty-something, or a grandmother with a group of grandchildren, colorful canisters will make an adorable statement in your kitchen – and leave a lasting impression that will be remembered by friends and family. “Where did Mama keep the chocolate chip cookies?” “Oh, right there in that big blue house, next to the tea and sugar.” While there may not be such strong and olfactory memories, visual associations linger long after the canisters are gone consist.

Practical beauty

No one loves mealworms in cornmeal or oat bugs in grain—unless it’s the worms or the bugs. A sturdy rubber-sealed container can help keep staples safe or extend the shelf life of baked goods like cookies. Canisters can be available in different materials or designs. It can be ceramic, earthenware or metal, reminiscent of a specific mouse. “I complain bitterly… the bread bin is pewter, I can’t get in.” Such sturdy materials and a sturdy seal are just the ticket for your kitchen utensils.


Although microwave use is not recommended and most canisters are not considered dishwasher safe, they are easily hand washed and dried. Usually they do not need to be cleaned frequently. In fact, a damp cloth over the outside is often enough for a full yearly cleaning. Decorative kitchen container sets like those listed below can complement a kitchen theme or be the focal point for developing your kitchen decor. Its light finish is reminiscent of milk and biscuits on the kitchen table or measuring out sugar, flour or salt for favorite recipes. Both practical and beautiful, they can set the tone for your kitchen – the heart of your home. Below is a selection for your consideration.

Three-piece ceramic canister set for the kitchen

White with earthy accents in the band. Each lid features a gasket for a snug fit that keeps bugs out and preserves flavor. Suitable for coffee, tea, flour, sugar or salt. The canisters fit perfectly on most standard worktops. The earth tones go well with shabby chic, country or cottage decor.

Dark copper canisters

Featuring deep ridges and an embossed grape pattern, these copper colored metal canisters are just the thing for keeping kitchen essentials fresh and ready to use. These canisters are odor, rust, stain or mildew resistant and have a leak-proof seal. They keep your tea, coffee, flour and sugar in good condition. Hand wash and dry immediately.

Three white ceramic canisters

Three white ceramic canisters in tendril holders add a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Food-grade materials with tight-fitting lids to keep bugs and taste out. Keep flour, sugar, tea or other dry goods you like to have on hand. A Fleur de Lis Living product.

Three-piece steel canister set

A three piece steel canister set from Victoria, charmingly embossed with an Old Dutch International fleur de lis pattern. Easy to clean and resistant to dirt, rust, odor and dents. With this in mind, however, they should be hand washed and dried immediately. They are an excellent choice for your tea, coffee, candy, pasta or any other substance that needs a little protection.

Three-piece canister set in a shabby chic style

This canister set is perfect for your shabby chic, cottage or country kitchen. The galvanized metal canisters feature popular farmer messages and mango wood lids. The slight degradation of the green metal adds an extra level of authenticity to its look. This set was brought to you by Gracie Oaks. These food safe canisters are just the place to store your tea and biscuits.

Hahn three-piece kitchen canister set

Perfect for a rooster or chicken themed kitchen, these August Grove canisters each feature a luminous image of Chanticleer. Sepia-colored farm scenes or old farm advertisements can be seen behind the faucets. A charming addition to the country or country kitchen and to match the shabby chic. Keep track of your biscuits, tea and sugar and create a conversation starter with your Levenses.

waiter canister

You and your guests will love this cheerful set of ceramic canisters, each featuring a cheerful waiter serving a drink. You can of course store the usual coffee, tea, sugar or flour there, but one wonders if there isn’t something more interesting like wax soda bottles that could be stored in at least one.

Vintage canister with glass door handles

Oh, yesterday’s clues! Glass door knobs were once “the thing”. You can relive this piece of nostalgia with a canister set with glass door knobs as lid handles. The canisters themselves are food safe and have rubber seals around the lid. Wash hands only.

Oriental style square ceramic canisters

Enjoy the vibrant colors and geometric patterns often found in oriental tile mosaics. Nobody will have a problem finding these canisters on your kitchen counter! Food-safe, in graduated sizes, they are the perfect trio for tea, sugar and biscuits – a feast for the eyes for body and soul. Add quilts or colorful embroidered runners to make a kitchen statement.

Sunflowers for a brighter day

Three square stoneware containers with bright sunflower motifs bring the sun into your kitchen. The bright yellow flowers on a white background are an eye-catching conversation piece. This colorful set of three canisters is food safe and will hold any combination of your kitchen essentials or utensils.

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