Different laminate flooring brands

Different laminate flooring brands


Thanks to recent innovations in this area, many different types of flooring methods are now available (before there were only a limited number of methods). There is a type that suits everyone, whether you prefer natural or artificial, there is always a type that seems interesting to that particular person. The various methods that exist today include flooring made from stones such as marble, granite, slate and sandstone, or using tree woods such as teak, red oak, white oak and bamboo, or there are many artificial flooring methods such as vinyl flooring, marmoleum flooring and laminate flooring. They are made in such a way that it looks exactly as if a natural material was used for the flooring.

Uses and Benefits

Laminate floors are floor coverings in which several layers are used. It consists primarily of a synthetic flooring material combined with a lamination process to increase its strength, stability and durability. Laminate floors mimic the look of wood very closely. This is done by leaving one layer of the photographic design underneath another clear layer to protect it from defacing. Laminate flooring has grown in popularity and market over the last few years due to its durability, ease of installation and easy maintenance. Other advantages it has over other flooring methods include that it is less expensive and requires less skill and knowledge to install compared to other flooring methods. It’s hygienic too, as several laminate flooring brands sell products that contain antimicrobial synthetic organic polymers to help prevent the growth of microbes. Another benefit of using laminate flooring is the versatility in design. This is because the laminate flooring design consists of one layer of printed photo designs. It can have almost any realistic looking design, from wooden floors to recently made designs made of stones like marble or granite. Another advantage is that cleaning is easy with dry objects such as brooms. However, cleaning with damp mops or water is not recommended.


There are many brands to help us find the right type and design of laminate flooring that we want. The cost of a brand can go up depending on the quality, so finding the one that fits your budget is easy as there are many brands out there. The different brands of laminate flooring are BerryAlloc laminate flooring, Tarkett laminate flooring, Quick-Step laminate flooring, Bruce laminate flooring, Mohawk laminate flooring, Pergo laminate flooring, Armstrong laminate flooring and many more.

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