Disadvantages of cork flooring

Disadvantages of cork flooring

If you are planning to change the flooring of your home and are considering cork flooring, remember that cork flooring comes with a number of disadvantages. While there are certain benefits, cork flooring generally falls short when compared to other flooring options. To ensure you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common cons of cork flooring.


It is very important to seal cork floors to ensure they remain protected from damage. Once the flooring is in place, you need to seal the floor to ensure it is protected from water damage, stains, and other issues. In addition to this, it is also very important to ensure that a quality seal is used and that a professional has done the sealing work for you as a poor quality seal or improper application of the seal makes the floor very susceptible to damage.


Cork floors require a lot of care and cleaning. In addition, cleaning cork floors is not as easy as you might think. As mentioned above, cork floors are very susceptible to water damage. When the floor covering gets wet, it begins to expand and an uneven structure develops. Cracks form in the ground over time. Compared to other floor coverings, you cannot simply wipe cork floors with water.


As mentioned above, cork floors are prone to water damage. Aside from the damage caused by water, cork floors are also susceptible to physical damage. For example, if you accidentally drop something heavy on the cork floor, it will immediately create a dent on the floor. Additionally, heavy furniture can cause deep dents in cork floors over time.


While cork flooring is considered inexpensive compared to other flooring materials such as hardwood, it is still more expensive than laminate and carpet. Additionally, the cost of applying sealant and repairing damage generally results in high maintenance costs compared to other types of flooring.


Another disadvantage of cork floors is the fact that excessive exposure to the sun causes them to lighten and begin to fade. Therefore, cork floors cannot be laid near doors or windows.

As you can see, installing cork floors has a number of disadvantages. If you’re looking to change your flooring, there are plenty of inexpensive options that don’t come with as many downsides.

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