Disney Christmas Ornaments

Disney Christmas Ornaments

Disney Christmas decorations are popular with kids and parents alike. If you have a child, they are definitely a must. With a wide variety of Disney ornaments to choose from in all shapes and sizes, you’re bound to have a hard time making a decision. Don’t worry, we’ve narrowed down your options for you.

So, without further ado, here are the 10 best Disney Christmas decorations that are guaranteed to make you and your child happy:

The Disney Tabletop Christmas Tree: The Wonderful World of Disney

The Disney Tabletop Christmas Tree: The Wonderful World of Disney by Bradford Exchange tops our list for a reason: it allows you to bring some Disney magic to the table setting! It’s a stunning table decoration full of Disney characters. When we say filled, it really is filled! In fact, it includes 10 holiday scenes with over 50 hand-drawn Disney characters of you and your child’s favorite movies.

As if all of these features weren’t enough, Bradford Exchange has even created a rotating tree where the characters come to life when you turn it on. For the ultimate Christmas decorations, you need to get these.

6 Piece Disney Christmas Hanging Figure Set

You’ll never have boring Christmas decorations again after hanging these iconic Disney characters on your tree this year. Whether it’s the mini tree in your child’s bedroom or the main tree in your living room, this series of Disney characters is sure to draw a smile from audiences. Yes, ear to ear! The six characters in this set include Mickey Mouse, 101 Dalmatians, Baloo, Cinderella, Snow White and Winnie the Pooh.

Disney Mickey Mouse Christmas Hanging Figure

Decorate your tree this Christmas with the cutest version of Mickey Mouse, holding on to a string of lights to enjoy life. Not only does he want to spread the holiday spirit, but he also wants to encourage laughter through the whimsical pose. If you’re an avid Disney character collector, you’ll love this backdrop of Aleko from The Legendary Mouse. Mickey wears a Santa Claus robe and white gloves in this carefully crafted hanging ornament. The entire piece is finished in a clear, lustrous enamel finish to draw attention when mounted on your tree.

Disney Winnie the Pooh Christmas Decoration Hanging Figure

Who doesn’t love the famous Pooh Bear with his sweet, chubby cheeks and his fun mini-adventures? If you’re still not sure what to add ornaments to your tree, then rest assured that you’ve made up your mind now that you’ve seen these iconic Disney Christmas decorations! Not only is it perfect for a child who looks to Winnie the Pooh as a role model, but also for adults, and it makes us look back on childhood memories filled with joy and silliness!

Disney’s Snow Queen Elsa ornament

As one of the newest Disney princesses, this Elsa ornament is sure to be a hit with your daughter! It is made of porcelain and hand painted to provide a realistic image of the Disney Princess. You can tell by the material that it’s made to last. It is not easy to stimulate children’s imagination and portray the Disney character perfectly.

If you have a daughter, you must have her; It makes Christmas more memorable and exciting for the kid!

Timeless Christmas Treasure Tree Topping

Let’s be honest! Each of us loves Disney and its many characters. We would be making a huge mistake if we didn’t include this in our list of the best Disney Christmas decorations. From Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh to Tinker Bell and Pluto, everyone can be found in this rotating tree topper. yes it rotates Turn it on and the Disney toys will spin around your Christmas tree. Happy am I right?

Disney Princess Rapunzel Aquarium Decoration

Here you can see the Disney Princess from the movie Tangled. Rapunzel is reading a book, her long blond hair sticking out of her back. If your child loves it, this ornament will be loved not only at Christmas but for years to come! Weighing 0.25 pounds, it’s a multifunctional product that fits on your child’s fish tank or study table!

Christmas decorations Disney Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen car

These Lightning McQueen Christmas ornaments are so cute and so loved by kids, your kids may be more excited about having them on your family’s Christmas tree than the gifts underneath! It comes ready to hang using the ornament’s ribbon holder. With this in mind, the best gift you can give your child for Christmas is. You can even let the child hang their new collectible on your tree!

Christmas ornaments Disney Frozen Olaf resin figure

Many children love this realistic version of the Frozen character Olaf. His smile brings childlike joy to each of us. Even if it’s a snowman, the memory of how adorable the character was in the movie will melt your heart and that of your child. Because it’s made of polyresin, it can be played with by your child and placed back on the tree for display, unlike other collectible Disney Christmas ornaments. So if your child is a fan of the Disney hit Frozen, hurry before supplies run out!

Disney Aladdin 25th Anniversary Christmas Decoration with Music

The final Disney Christmas ornament on our list celebrates 25 years since the release of the Aladdin movie! It plays the official soundtrack of the Disney film “A Whole New World” as both Jasmine and Aladdin soar high above the city of Agrabah (fictional) and the clouds. A LR44 alkaline battery is included so your little boy will be playing the song soon after unboxing!

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