How much comfort are you obtaining from your executive desk?

How much comfort are you obtaining from your executive desk?

An executive desk is a desk commonly used in an office. We can call it pillar desk. It basically consists of a rectangular, flat surface. It stands on two pedestals or some cupboards. The cabinets are like drawers. It also features a large center drawer placed in the middle of two pedestals above the user’s legs and knees.

In this modern era, some variations are being made on this desk. An additional partition is placed in front of the desk between two pedestals to protect the user’s legs from the person sitting in front of him. This executive desk is called “panel desk”.

If the desk has a wood top, it may feature a pull-out lined writing drawer. We can use it when we need to work and after use we can put it inside.

Here we introduce some types of executive desks for many purposes:

  • PARTNER DESK – This desk is basically designed for more than one user. It’s only twice the size. Its shape derives from a square on the work surface. It has second user cabinets in both the rear and front.
  • RIGHT OR LEFT PEDESTAL DESK – This desk has a single pedestal for cabinets and another side has a leg. If this desk has a pedestal on the right side, it’s called a “right pedestal” desk, and if it has a pedestal on the left, it’s called a “left pedestal desk.”

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