How to keep your white leather sofa clean

How to keep your white leather sofa clean

It is very difficult to clean and maintain anything that is white or off-white. Bags, clothes or even pieces of furniture in our home in the whiter shades tend easily to get stains or dirt and therefore need a lot of attention and the right care and maintenance all year round. Dark furniture is easier to maintain compared to white and cream sofas. Here are some useful tips to keep your light colored sofas clean and spotless – especially the white leather sofas.

In general, buying a white leather sofa is not recommended if you have pets in the household. However, if you have already bought a white sofa before you buy your pets, or if you love white leather sofas so much that you don’t want to get rid of them for the sake of your pets, then you need to train your pets to stay away from the furniture. They will cause unwanted holes and stains on the white leather sofas if you don’t educate your pets well.

If stains accidentally appear on the white leather sofa, you must clean them immediately with lukewarm water or baby wipes. If spills are not cleaned up quickly, they will dry up and become difficult to clean or wipe off later, leaving stains that look ugly on the sofa. Also, be careful not to damage the leather of the furniture when cleaning stubborn stains. For stubborn stains, it is always best to use mild detergents or liquid bath soaps.

To avoid piercing the white leather sofas, make sure the sharp objects do not come into contact with the sofa. The car keys are also not allowed to lie on the sofa. With proper maintenance and care, your white leather sofa will stay pristine and fresh for a long time.

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