Inflatable Outdoor Holiday Decorations

Inflatable Outdoor Holiday Decorations

Since inflatable boats are a great way to enjoy vacations, getting them can be easy swept up in festive holiday cheer! However, for safety and practical reasons, you must be careful not to buy inflatable boats that are too big (or too small) for your home.

A good place to start is to simply measure the space available in your front yard. Mark the areas of your garden that need to be accessible for everyday useThen measure the rest – the part available for decoration – to determine the approximate square footage you will be working with.

When buying inflatable boats, pay attention to the dimensions of the product details. Anything larger than the available space should be dismissed without further ado!

Wondering how to avoid buying decorations that are too small? Decorations that are too small are a problem much more aesthetic issue than buying too big decorations. Instead of making orientation in your garden difficult, look at a situation that cannot be seen from the street.

To counteract this, take a few different sized items from around your house: for example, an 18-inch-tall bucket, a 3-foot-tall lawn chair, etc. If you have friends or kids who like this you might want to join, this could be for they be a fun way to help! Place them in your front yard roughly where you want Christmas decorations (or place your props in these places).

Then stand across the street and see what you can see. If you can’t easily spot your props or friends, you can’t easily spot an inflatable boat of similar approximate dimensions either. In this case, resizing can be a good idea.

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