Kitchen Islands & Carts

Kitchen Islands & Carts

There are a number of additional features for kitchen islands and trolleys that can be very useful. Here are some of the most popular options to consider.

drop leaves

Kitchen trolleys with leaves are Ideal for smaller homes with limited space. Drop leafs are sections that fold down and pull out when needed. With this function you can do the following a larger total surface or an additional dining area without compromising on space. Fold up the fold-out sheets and when your island isn’t in use, you’re ready to use it There are no movement restrictions in your kitchen.

While flip sheets are a great space-saving feature, keep in mind that they are not always stable enough to prepare food. So if you really need a large prep surface, a solid tabletop is more appropriate.

towel rail

Towel rails are extremely useful additional features. Therefore, look out for kitchen islands with at least one.

You can also hang your towels somewhere else, but with a towel rail that is possible Kitchen towels dry out faster how to lay it flat without bunching it up.

It really does Easy access to your towelWhether you need to quickly wipe up after a break or get something hot out of the oven.

spice rack

If you enjoy using multiple different spices, organize and display your spice collection with a built-in spice rack.

Your kitchen island is a great prep spot, ideal for Always keep your spice collection handy, in the center of your kitchen. Use your kitchen island spice rack to house all of your spices. Just check the measurements before ordering.

Generous models can also be used Store bottles of vinegar and sauces.

wine shelf

Even if you don’t want to store all your vintage wines in the kitchen at room temperature, a built-in wine rack for ready-to-drink bottles is a practical and space-saving solution.

If you regularly drink soft drinks, white wine, or champagne, this may be the case a useful temporary location before putting them in your fridge if you have more space.

Check if the dimensions are compatible Match it to your bottle shape and style to get the most out of your kitchen island wine rack.

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