Louis Ghost Chair

Louis Ghost Chair

Playful and daring, this chair was designed as a fresh, modern take on the chunky and flourishing Louis XVI chairs found in places like the Palace of Versailles or in the villas of French aristocrats. The Louis Ghost Chair is an extravagant blend of classic style and modern technology. This extraordinary piece of furniture with its extravagant and fascinating charisma is a great, dazzling addition to any modern interior.


The Louis Ghost Chair was designed in 2002 by Philippe Starck, an innovative French industrial and interior designer. However, the history of the chair shape dates back to the 18th century. Starck was inspired by the French style of decoration used during the reign of Louis XVI. has been used. Was developed. The art-historical style is a mixture of decorative rococo and more vinegary neoclassicism. Starck successfully reinvented the opulent baroque form and brought it back into the 21st century. The prototype of the Louis Ghost Chair was first shown in the spotlight at the 2002 Milan International Furniture Fair. The chair was well received by critics and audiences alike, was an instant hit and was put into mass production soon after. It is commercially available under the Kartell brand. The chair is made in Italy.


The chair can be described as the epitome of baroque in a contemporary, exciting guise. The overall look of the chair is extraordinarily attractive and stylish, which should come as no surprise given that it is one of the objects on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It’s very proportionate and balanced, and the use of clear polycarbonate makes it feel both airy and light. Unlike fully upholstered furniture, it doesn’t obstruct the space it’s placed in, but enhances the sense of space, making it a perfect chair for the modern tiny living room.

Although the chair looks like a masterpiece of modern art, it is fully functional and very comfortable. Despite its translucent and fading appearance, the chair is known for its durability. This filigree-looking piece of furniture is weather, scratch and impact resistant. The chair is injection molded in one piece. The seamless shape of the chair without joints and bindings makes it even more robust and stable. It can also be stacked up to six to save storage space.

The oval backrest and slightly wavy armrests create a shape that will be familiar to anyone who has heard of Versailles. The high seating comfort is due to the deep seat shell and the waterfall seat edge, which reduce the pressure on the back of the user’s thighs. The chair was originally only available in translucent, clear plastic. Today, customers can order their Louis Ghost Chairs in either a translucent or opaque finish. The translucent chair is available in five colours: Crystal, Smoke Grey, Straw Yellow, Sunset Orange and Ice Blue. However, the opaque variant can only be white or black, both with a glossy finish. Despite his young age, Starck’s creation has already become a modern classic. The innovative futuristic design combined with the innovative use of materials has given the chair a very special place in the history of interior design.

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