Memo Board Ideas For Your Home Decor

Memo Board Ideas For Your Home Decor

Memo boards are usually available in the following sizes fits snugly over a desk area. For example, they might be about 33 inches by 27 inches. However, there are memo boards in different sizes Measure the wall space and find the perfect size.

You can also lengthen the memo board by aligning it horizontally, or taller by aligning it vertically. If you’re placing the clipboard over a wide desk, it makes sense to orient it horizontally. Vertical memo boards look best on smaller walls or in tighter spaces.

Some memo boards are also supplied as setswhere two can be small box-shaped and a third can be long. They fit together on the wall and perform different functions, e.g. eg, one part may be a chalkboard, another a bulletin board, and another a dry-erase board. The smaller boards may be 9″ x 9″ and the longer board may be approximately 18″ x 7″. This is another good size and style if you want various functions for hanging items and writing notes.

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