Metal Bird Wall Decor

Metal Bird Wall Decor

Birds can be an invitation to fly wild and free, or they can be a symbol of cozy nests and happy early morning songs. Flocks of geese flying across the sky remind us of seasonal changes and a journey that follows warm weather and sunshine.

Properties of decorative metal

Metal is a permanent substance that can be formed into almost anything. It can be enriched with additional colors or presented in its own natural tones. Dark metals can appear against white or light walls, while light or shiny metal pairs well with dark walls like mahogany paneling. Most metals are naturally heavy substances, but metals can be used to craft birds.

Combine birds and metal

Metal bird shapes hold up. There is something imaginative about creating a form as ephemeral and fragile as a bird, in something as heavy and immovable as metal. Even aluminum weighs more than the fragile hollow bones and feathers that characterize most birds.

Optical Ilusion

The use of metal sculpture to depict the wild, free flight of birds is a delicious irony, and a bit of optical illusion can be applied to create three-dimensional effects on flat surfaces. However, an even more attractive use of metal birds is to hang them from wires in the ceiling or from trees outdoors. This allows them to fly like their fellow wild birds that are so delicate yet so important to our ecosystem. Below are ten metal bird wall decor options. These birds don’t fly away with the seasons. They fly off your wall, ceiling, tree or fence forever or until you tire. They combine the durability of metal with the wild, free feeling of watching a flock of geese fly overhead. However, with these metal birds, you don’t have to wait for fall or spring to see them roam your spaces.

Wall decoration with bird silhouette

These black birds fly in a three dimensional formation that is wall mounted and appears to be flying towards you. When the birds go well with a light colored wall, they can blend and balance your dark decor with a bright room. For added effect, try mounting this piece in front of a mirror.

Silver bird decor

These silver birds will hang on your wall and suit many modern styles. The silver is light and can complement a light surface or stand out on a dark wall. The rim of the birds is black, giving them more body and definition, allowing them to blend in with a darker decor. If you want more air, hang it from the ceiling.

These birds appear to be holding the metal bar that holds this decor in place. The blue and gold birds do well with light or lime green plants or can be hung with the pots. The ten birds fly through the air in a line formation as they progress along their path.

Featuring a brown and silver finish, these birds add color to this flock, making it stand out against your wall and catching the light well with its high luster. The three-dimensional design will quickly draw attention to this and other decor around it. The birds are in a diving motion, making the people sitting under this decor look up.

Decorated with flying birds

These metal bird silhouettes look like they’re flying towards you from your wall with their three-dimensional shape. The beige finish goes well with light colored walls and makes the birds stand out by creating a visible shadow behind them. The effect will draw people’s attention to this decor and wonder how it is put together.

Birdcage Decor

The brown finish of this birdcage wall decor goes well with many wall styles. Looking at the white center of this piece you are not sure if there is a real cage or if it is flat and there is a bird inside. This question will quickly draw attention to this piece as people want to learn about and highlight your precious decor.

5 piece flying bird decoration set

These five blackbirds are sold separately so you can position them anywhere, flying them wildly or in formations. The dark gray surface stands out against any wall and gives the three-dimensional birds a sense of movement. With minor modifications, you can hang these birds from your ceiling and let them fly freely.

bird decor

This flock of birds can fly anywhere on your wall. The black metal will stand out against any lighter colored wall when the light is aimed at it. The abstract style is great for adding a natural vibe to any contemporary style room or area. If you have the light on the right side of this piece, it looks like your birds are flying towards the setting sun.

bird wall decoration

This piece is circular with branches in the center reaching towards the sunlight and a bird resting on one of the branches. The black metal will stand out against a white wall as if just hung, casting a beautiful shadow on your wall. With its weatherproof finish, it also works well outdoors against a light fence or hanging freely.

Birds in the tree decor

These metal birds have a bronze finish that makes them stand out against a light or white wall. The four silhouettes of birds will keep an eye on you and will quickly enhance your interior. The flat nature of this piece fits nicely between glass on a coffee table with a little work and has people wondering how it was made.

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