Tips for installing bathroom cabinets

Tips for installing bathroom cabinets

The bathroom cabinet has a drastic impact on the function and appearance of your bathroom. If you’ve bought a new bathroom cabinet and want to install it yourself, then this post is for you.

Some important installation tips bathroom cabinets

  • If you opt for several bathroom cabinets, make sure that all cabinets are at the same height. Install the corner cabinet first, making sure it is level, flush, and plumb. When you’re done, just install the other cabinet level with the first.
  • If the bathroom cabinet parts are not assembled, an instruction manual may be included. Assemble the cabinet according to the instructions.
  • The wall on which you mount the cabinet should be level, clean and smooth. Use a straight hedge to ensure it is actually flat.

installation process

  1. The first thing you need to do is take a stud finder and locate the studs you want to install the cabinet on.
  2. In addition to being sideways, make sure the cabinet is level front to back. You can use shims to lift the cabinet to the installation site or make adjustments.
  3. Now screw the screws directly through the back rail of the cabinet and into the studs.

That’s it! Installing a bathroom cabinet is that easy. Once the cabinet is installed, take the countertop, place it in position and attach it to the cabinet from below.

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