Vintage home décor ideas

Vintage home décor ideas

People love a vintage look for their home. It brings old world charm into your home. However, vintage furniture and fixtures can be extremely expensive and hard to find. Here are some ideas for creating a vintage home decor.


To create a vintage chandelier, one can hang a wire planter with strands of beads and prisms. You can also add votive candles to complete the look.

wall art

Wall art can be created by sticking something onto a frame. This may include plates, toy train tracks, or similar items.


A single flower can be placed in crystal or glass dessert bowls. This can be used as a vase or place setting.


Handkerchiefs can be sewn together and attached to rings to make pretty curtains

assembling furniture

Pieces of furniture can be added to this. For example, the chest of drawers can be equipped with a mirror or the cabinets can be supplemented with lamps

increase efficiency

Instead of Post-Its attached to refrigerators, a chalkboard can be hung in a picture frame and used as a rustic message board.

Cover up

A blanket, especially if it is patterned and placed on the sofa, makes even the most modern sofa look cozy and antique.

wall lamps

Sconces can be made from anything. These lights look quirky, rustic and beautiful. All you need is a tea light, a piece of wood and a curved spoon.

All of these are vintage home decorating ideas that won’t tear a hole in your pocket while giving an authentic look.

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