Apply these techniques to improve closet storage

Apply these techniques to improve closet storage

Need to upgrade your storage space? In fact, even the smallest storage room in your home can be transformed into a purposeful, uncluttered space with a few basic supplies. Sort the clothes and shoes you actually wear and the ones you don’t wear. Consider giving gifts that you no longer wear and items of clothing that don’t fit you. Look for things that are kept in your storage room that would lend themselves well to another location. Keep large coats and boots in a cloakroom, not in your closet. You won’t need these regular things all the time. Utilize floor space, back of entryways and any interior partitions for capacity purposes. Use instant closet storage coordinators. There are many storage racks that offer you numerous options for hanging, folding and storing shoes. Also, use small bags or clear plastic containers to store toiletries and other items that may be uncomfortable.

Use closet storage to keep folded clothes in neat stacks. Use a combination of single and double poles in the storage room to accommodate shorter garments. Fold sweaters and pants and place them on shelves above the bars to make room for brackets. Hang a pegboard and loops for hats, purses, and scarves. Hang shadow boxes on the storage room divider to decoratively store and display jewelry and small embellishments.

You can also make great use of closet storage outside of your home. When stocking a carport, a storage room can help tidy up idle equipment left on the workbench or floor.

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