Arrange the classroom furniture and its role in a class

Arrange the classroom furniture and its role in a class

“A classroom” in which each student in a group of students develops some knowledge. A classroom has many things such as a blackboard, chairs, televisions, maps, whiteboards, charts, pencils, books, monographs, and LCD projectors for presenting information and images from a computer.

A classroom can be a science lab for biology, a computer lab for IT classes, a chemistry and physics class, or a gymnasium. Each class has furniture that suits their needs. Every educational institution has a classroom according to its profession. In a fashion design institution, some large tables are needed for the students. Furniture should be easy for the student. It is easy to move, making it easier for students to learn.

Furniture plays a major role in the classroom. This can be the reason for a good concentration ability of the students. Choose the furniture for a classroom wisely. If it makes some noise, it can distract the lesson.

Here we present some furniture configurations in the class-

  • Straight line arrangement of furniture It is a typical trend in classroom furniture arrangement. In this style, the teacher/professor stands in front of the students. The rows have a paved area from which the teacher can easily take over the supervision on foot.
  • Circle/semicircle arrangement of furniture This type of arrangement can accommodate a small group of students. This style is mainly used for a tactile discussion. With this style, everyone can easily identify the speaker. It is also easy for the teacher as this style allows the teacher to easily control the class.

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