Billiard Room Decor

Billiard Room Decor

Billiards is a game that has been around for a long time. It is believed to have evolved from lawn games such as croquet, bocce and bocce. When the game took place indoors, it was originally played on a table covered with a green cloth to simulate a lawn. The word billiards is believed to be derived from the French word billart or billette meaning stick, or perhaps from the French word bille meaning ball. Billiards as a game has been around since the 16th century. Mary, Queen of Scots, is said to have been wrapped on the ceiling of her pool table after her death.

types of billiards

Billiards is used as a kind of umbrella term for several games played on a table top with a cue stick and a table with side bumpers and pockets. The bumpers were derived from low walls placed around the tables to prevent balls from flying off. They were refined as players discovered they could bounce balls off walls, creating a new aspect of the game. The three main styles of billiards are carom billiards – played on a table with no pockets; billiards, which includes a variety of games played at a pocket table; and English billiards and snooker, which require a six-pocket table. However, there are many variants of each.

A popular game with a varied story

Said to have been played by commoners as well as royalty, the game was associated with gambling and low society. A “pool hall” was the theme of the song “Trouble in River City” from the musical “Music Man,” which suggested it would corrupt the youth. Still, it’s a game of skill and was so intriguing that a pool table often graces a family playroom in modern homes. Whether you’re playing against someone else or just honing your skills, a pool table can be a source of long-lasting entertainment that requires hand-eye coordination and even a degree of mathematical acumen. Here are ten examples of ways to decorate your game room with different styles of billiard wall decor.

With a warning sign backdrop, this piece can work on a variety of walls. This piece emphasizes the classic “rack ’em & crack ’em” lineage that’s prevalent in the pool community. It expresses the billiard hall in one’s billiard room and promotes the atmosphere of the game.

Magnetic Printed Framed Billiards Artwork

Several billiard balls are arranged in numerical order on the wooden board. Since this board is a magnetic board, you can use it for many purposes. With its bright, colorful hue, it will effortlessly bring light into your basement or playroom. The black wooden border makes it possible to place this work of art on a light wooden wall.

Game Room Bubba’s Billiards vintage framed advertisement

Two motorcycles are parked next to a gas garage in front of Bubba’s Billiards in this rustic piece. This piece works well on any wooden wall and brings out the red tones in the room with the wooden frame. Due to its aged appearance, it is a good decoration piece to create fond memories with friends.

Wall decoration “Rack of Balls”.

This wall mounted decor consists of a billiard ball stand with balls placed inside. The balls have an aged appearance and are just as distressed as the rack. The variety of colors allows this piece to complement any play or recreation area, creating a brighter environment even when a serious game is being played.

Classic 7′ pool table

This classic style billiard table has a tradition full of style. Even if your floor is no longer completely flat, that’s not a problem. The pool table comes with a spirit level under the table to keep the surface nice and flat. The bag is made of leather closures, reduces wear and lets things through.

This badge features a vintage billiard ball set worn heavily with a classic billiard cue stick. This piece would work well in an older room or a wood billiard room. It also goes well with your traditional style pool table, adding a rustic charm to the game room or area.

15 inch billiard ball wall clock for bar and game room

With the eight in the middle, this clock bears the billiard balls and their numbers as numbers on the clock. With a felt green background, it almost feels like you’re sitting on a pool table. There is a neon green light around the inner diameter to illuminate the watch 24/7 in a dark room with a silver finish.

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