Sofa Slipcover Ideas

Sofa Slipcover Ideas

Most sofa covers are made of synthetic materialsmostly somehow polyester. This is because polyester can easily be made stain-resistant, fade-resistant and water-resistant, which is often the case with seat covers. It also makes for a cheaper protective case. You can also get a variety of styles from polyester, from matte, understated looks to high-gloss floral prints.

However, the disadvantages of polyester are that it is not breathable and can have a shinier synthetic look that many people associate with a cheap look. However, some plastics can look more classic and matte.

Below are some of the types of plastic you will see, plus one other option.

  • velvet: This lush texture goes well with stylish room styles. The softness is also unbeatable. Note, however, that velvet is usually made from polyester blends.

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