Decorative Dry Erase Board

Decorative Dry Erase Board

Today’s family is constantly on the move and communication can be difficult. Even if you just need to take care of yourself and get organized, a calendar and marker board can help keep track of important bills, reminders, and notes in general. If you run a business, a noticeboard can be a handy place to announce special offers, write menus, or provide directions to employees.

The dry erase calendar

A reusable calendar board can be a handy way to keep everyone on the same page. When everyone enters their appointments, work schedules and other important dates in the calendar, it is easier to plan transports and resolve any conflicts. Sometimes it can be a real challenge to get everyone to the desired location on time.

Announcements, rules and task checklists

Keep a permanent list of family chores on a wall-mounted dry-erase marker board and ask everyone to initialize it when they complete a chore. Take a picture of the board with a tablet or mobile phone and track the achievements. Use a dedicated board to announce birthdays, graduations, awards and more. Write the house rules on a tastefully decorated plaque, like the one below, with the permanent message “In our house…” on it.

Tame the paper notes

It seems like every house has a paper storm. Notes from school, notes from work, bills to pay and more. You can use either a magnetic board or an old-fashioned bulletin board to keep important papers in a place where they won’t get mixed up, under the closet or in the litter box (ew!). A combination of bulletin board, dry erase board and letter holder can make life a lot easier, whether you live in a household of one person or one hundred and one. The type of decorative dry erase board that is best for you depends on the size of your household or business, who will be using it, and what things you need to write on it. For example, calendars are great for planning, but a blank chalkboard is better for writing down menus, to-do lists, or rules. And don’t forget to put up a fun chalkboard or two to showcase artwork or a friendly message if someone is having a difficult day.

Wall mounted dry erase calendar

Keep your family or household organized with a House of Hampton dry erase wall calendar. The large squares offer plenty of space for appointments, events and memories. Hanging devices with four magnets for attaching important notes are pre-installed on the back. The stylish ambience goes beyond the old notice board in the dorm.

Dry erase barnwood board

Write down menus, announce events or just celebrate the day with this barn framed dry erase board from Rayne Mirrors. Encourage shouts and more with a simple, dry-erase board that lets you spell out any message you want, and maybe even some you don’t want. The perfect entry level display for your home or business.

Silver framed dry erase card

Stylish notice board with a handcrafted silver frame. Imagine that in the lobby of a theater or auditorium, just waiting to announce the next show. Or it could stand in your entryway at home displaying simple messages like “eat sushi – be back soon”. Regardless of the use, this bright message board will enhance your communication.

Wifi password dry erase board

Perfect for LAN parties or sleepovers, this chic black-framed plaque displays “The WiFi password is _______________”. You can enter this esoteric string of letters and numbers for your wireless network. No more passing around paper that is difficult to read or copy. Comes ready to hang with all hardware included.

Write on and wipe off the glass message board

Communicate important observations or the next dentist appointment on this glass shelf. Below the glass is the subtle hint: Write it down, wipe it off and mimic the Karate Kid quote “Wax up, Wax down”. When messages aren’t needed, the clear lens features the tongue on the cheek against a soft, patterned background.

French Victorian frame

Add style to your messages with this French Victorian style framed dry erase board. The handcrafted frame adds a sense of unique class to an ordinary whiteboard. It almost feels like putting a drawing of Marie Antionette on it or adding pointed notes with little heart magnets. All necessary accessories for hanging are included in the scope of delivery.

Dry erase art for your wall

Is it a bulletin board, a magnetic board or a work of art? The octagonal magnetic bulletin board is perfect for displaying photos, jotting down a guest list, or announcing the topic of the day. When not in use, it resembles an op art piece more than a bulletin board. Everything you need for hanging is included.

Mini message board

Turn a small area in your kitchen or entryway into the Quick Message Board. This little board is plain and white with a border that looks like it’s been punched out of a piece of writing paper. However, this small message board is made of sturdy metal. It is available in white but can be painted with any metal color.

In this house Dry Erase Board

Explain the house rules with a sign board with the permanent message, “We are in this house…”. And then leaves room for your messages. Dry erase markers and all parts needed for hanging are included. Available in a comfortable two foot size.

Fabric memo board

Need something sturdier for notes and other items? You will enjoy this fabric memo board and organizer. A mail holder and three key hooks are neatly framed in the beige memo board. You won’t find a better way to keep it all together than with this coordinating decor ready to hang right in your entryway.

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