Extra Large Decorative Wall Clocks

Extra Large Decorative Wall Clocks

In our modern world, every room needs a clock. Our days are mechanically divided into hours and minutes, filled with appointments, dates, and even mealtimes—all controlled by the clock. Since this is largely a true statement, why not make a statement with your wall clock? You can have a state-of-the-art model or one that reflects the history of timekeeping and the industry. It can be silent or contain an atmospheric tick-tock reminiscent of the days when clocks had to be wound daily to keep a good time.

round clocks

Since the day repeats itself at sunrise, sunset, meals, sleep and work, having a round watch face is only logical. Large clocks, such as those once displayed in train stations, bus stops or even classrooms, are easy to read and the face provides a platform for decoration. The hands can also serve as decoration, as can the hour numbers. Color can also play a role in the look of a watch.

Rectangular or square clocks

It is possible to have an analogue clock with a circular movement in front of a square or rectangular background. These add some interest to the dial while still allowing for differences in appearance. As it is not a traditional phenomenon, it is also a time to artfully depict time.

Unusual or organic shapes

You can put a dial on almost anything, including in front of a gear shift, on a bicycle, or in front of a piece of art. All that’s really needed is a way to mark the hours and maybe the minutes and record the moving hands. This means that there are no limits to creative watch designs. You can even have openwork watches that allow the color of the paint behind the watch to show through, making it part of your artistic statement. Watches are an essential part of our modern life. They make it easier to arrive on time for appointments, meetings or social events. Your life will be easier if you have a clock in every room. So why not use your clock to make a statement or to coordinate with the decorations in your room. Look below for ideas.

Oversized open wall clock

30 inch open size and open size wall clock in black with roman numerals on the hour numerals. Slim gray hands are moved by the drive base in the center of the watch. An excellent choice for placement against a white or pastel colored wall. By Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse.

Warm to cool clock

An unusual clock with artwork as a background. The art is in shades of bright red through yellow, then green and blue – warm to cool. An alternative composition by the same artist is Constant Motion. Both compositions are by Laura Trevey. The clocks are offered by East Urban Home.

Distressed round dial with Roman numerals

Perfect for your bohemian retreat. The worn wooden dial is reminiscent of old train stations and shows the inscription “Antiquite de Paris 1887”. The large dial is easy to read from anywhere in the room. When a battery is inserted, not only is the time retained, but there is a faint click to confirm it is correct. Intended for indoor use only.

Huge clock

Many fine clocks have windows displaying the movements. But with this clock, the movement is the whole clock that hangs lavishly on the wall. The gears do not move and are used for decoration. The clock itself features a wide cream colored dial with gold plated Roman numerals and is powered by a single AA battery. Still, the play is attractive and fun.

A huge pocket watch

For many years, a men’s pocket watch was an important piece of equipment. Not only did it help him get to meetings on time, the watch chain and pendant were also a decorative part of men’s clothing. This oversized watch is decorated with a stem and loop that closely resembles those antique watches. It has a plain white dial, black Roman numerals, a fleur-de-lys decoration and shows the date 1879.

Rectangular oversized watch

Wade Logan’s Dillwyn Midcentury Wall Clock is rectangular in shape with gold-colored Roman numerals on the quarter hour markers and gold-colored indicator lines on the other hour markers. The wall behind is visible through the case of the clock. It is powered by a small central motor that requires a single AA battery.

Shiny hour clock

This 30 inch Langley Street clock looks like it’s counting down shiny hours. The dial is made of sleek chrome, with the quarter hours marked with Arabic numerals. It is mounted on brown wooden beams that are beaded with chrome dowels, making it look like a stylized sun. Batteries are only required for indoor use.

Wire Mesh Wall Clock

The Vanderburg 24″ Angular Wirework Clock from Mercury Row is an intricate design made from thick, gold-colored wire. The quarter-hour stations are marked by a plain wire, while the stations in between feature the angular design. The face is available in a choice of gold and white or brown and gold. It is powered by 2 AA batteries and produces a ticking ambient sound when operating. Intended for indoor use only.

Factory gear clock

The Gears Wall Clock by Austin Trent Design is a standard round Arabic numeral dial decorated with an arrangement of gears against a background of angular black lines. Excellent for the Age of Industry decor. Just surround it with blueprints, pictures of factories, and other industrial art. Batteries are only required for indoor use.

Bicycle Wall Clock

Andrewson’s Bicycle Wall Clock looks like an old Ferris wheel sticking right out of the wall. Between the handlebars is an old-fashioned alarm clock with Roman numerals. Under the clock there is a bicycle basket that can be used to store a decoration or a plant.

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