Top 4 ideas for shabby chic living room

Top 4 ideas for shabby chic living room

How about a living room with a shabby look and yet stylish flair? With the suggestions in this article, you can transform your living room into a very soft and welcoming space. Actually, the approach of a shabby chic living room is so special because it is very calm and beautiful at the same time. You can add delightful details like a fireplace, classic candle holders, paintings, mirrors and more. So read on to find out more.

All in white, with simple furniture and an old table – this is what this shabby chic living room looks like. This is basically a vintage-inspired look and hails from a Los Angeles home. How about shades of blue and green with a touch of vintage fabrics and a white cover all around? The idea is to focus on blues and soft greens, and then mix those with darker hues like browns.

With a white lampshade and white flooring, this living room looks both quite understated and shabby chic in style. Welcoming and fresh is what we would call a living room like this, and the vintage furniture and glass table are a must. With lots of sun and natural views, you can really enjoy the day here. With open shelving and wood top, this dingy chic living room is something a philosopher or anyone with a different mindset would create. Simple looking, comfortable sofas with a wooden table, this living room also has an aesthetic feel.

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