Fitness Flooring For Your Home Decor

Fitness Flooring For Your Home Decor

There is no one material that is best for all types of gym floors and under all circumstances. However, the following should help you make the right choice:


Rubber remains one of the most popular decisions for good reasons. It is resilient and strong. It accommodates just under any type of equipment or exercise. rubber too easy to assemble and maintain, shock absorbing, water repellent and it performs reasonably well sound insulationeng.

However, rubber has several disadvantages. For example, it is relatively expensive and quite heavy.


For the floor exercises as Pilates and yogaThis is undoubtedly the right thing to do most comfortable Probability. foam is versatile and offers great cushioning And comfort. It is also available in different styles and colors.

The disadvantages are that because it is so less durable Like other options, it has a relative Short lifespan. It’s also a Magnet for sweat and dirt and it is unsuitable for heavy fitness equipment.


Vinyl can take a beating Frequent usebut it is a cozy And stylish option. It is also Moisture, mold and mildew resistanceT. And when it’s time to wipe away all that blood, sweat, tears and vinyl easy to clean.

The Disadvantage is that vinyl has one? low shock absorption and it can slightly damaged by sharp objects. Another problem is that there might be a relative problem low health risk from VOC emissions.

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