Style and beauty with linoleum floor

Style and beauty with linoleum floor

Linoleum flooring is a natural flooring material with high durability, style and appeal. It’s a versatile one in around 300 colors and an unlimited range of designs. The designs are available in slab and tile format.

These double UV cured prefab floors can be installed in various locations in homes or offices at a reasonable cost. This linoleum floor is further classified into two basic types of flooring:

  • Acoustic linoleum
  • Conductive linoleum

Beneficial linoleum floor:

This type of linoleum floor meets higher requirements for electrical conductivity. This special feature provides security for each individual device and has high levels of sensitivity to static electricity. This type of flooring has a thickness of 2.5mm and is best suited for laying in computer rooms and other places equipped with sensitive machinery or equipment. The conductive linoleum floor is available in four basic colors.

Acoustic linoleum floor:

The main feature of this type of linoleum floor is its soundproofing. The main reason for the noise reduction is the underlying layer of insulation, which is bonded to the linoleum board, enabling noise reduction of up to 17 dB.

In general, there are two different types of acoustic linoleum flooring available in the market:

  • Marmoleum decibels
  • Marmoleum acoustic floor

Marmoleum Decibel Flooring is available with a cork backing that is equivalent to 14dB, while Marmoleum Acoustic Flooring comes with a polyolefin that offers 17dB of sound insulation.

Outstanding designs of linoleum floors:

The linoleum floor has unusual, natural designs that are structured with so much fine-tuning that they simply look natural. The colors and shades are blended in such a realistic way that nothing seems artificial or fake. The vibrant tones of the linoleum floor sometimes give the impression of crystals sparkling in stones, at other times they reflect the impression of an emerald lake. The light shades of lava, which have emerged over the centuries, can also be obtained by covering the floor with this divine style of flooring.

The linoleum floors are characterized by spectacular colors and structures that amaze their users, since this natural look is not achieved with any other flooring.

Glossy Finishing:

The linoleum floor is a masterpiece of workmanship and sophistication. The shine and glare of this floor made it resemble a glass-like texture. In addition, linoleum floors are also considered to be the best floor type for sports fields.

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