Pool Table For Your Home

Pool Table For Your Home

Yes, and interestingly It’s not just the ratio of the billiard table to the size of the room that matters.

Note, You must use the long 58 inch pool cue to execute your shots. So you need enough space around the pool table Maneuver the cue, manage the backhand effectively and score a winning shot.

How can you take all of these considerations into account when deciding on the size of the pool table for your room?

The rule of thumb – Leave about 64 inches (5′-4) on all sides of the pool table to create a comfortable playing field. This gives you enough freedom of movement when taking pictures. For example, if you want to buy a standard pool table that is 7 inches (84 inches) wide and 42 inches wide, your playing surface would be 12 ¼ inches (148 inches) x 8 ¾ inches (106 inches) x 12 ¼ inches (148 Customs service). „) x 8 ¾’. Add the optimal floor space for the pool cue stand, seating area and movement space.

The math is getting a bit overwhelming, isn’t it? For this reason we have simplified it for you in the following explanation.

Standard pool table dimensions. Ideal playroom plan

7′ (84″ x 42″) 17½’ x 14′

8′ (96″ x 48″) 18½’ x 14 ¾’

9′ (108″ x 54″) (regulation size) 20′ x 15 ¼’

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