How to design room

How to design room

A room is an important part of a home. When nicely decorated, not only does it work well, but it creates a mood or a feeling. It shows the personality of the family members. When you want to decorate a room, the first thing to think about is your family and how you live.

First, think of an inspiration. You can collect it from magazines and get some ideas around you that will make you happy and feel good. Choose color and furniture wisely. This is the start of a well-planned space and helps set a good mood.

Here we present some tips and ideas to decorate a room well:

  • The focus: If the room naturally has a focal point, it is the attractive entry point. Otherwise, it turns into a dynamic work of art, a built-in bookshelf, a bay window with a fox look. It can be the reason for a wonderful look.
  • The furniture arrangement: First, determine whether the furniture you have planned for your room fulfills all the functions you have in mind for your room. Then think about the size of a room and choose furniture accordingly.
  • The Lightning: Choose the light according to the visual appearance as well as a function you have in mind. The light can be of many types due to its ultimate purpose, e.g. B. as a lamp light for direct light, as a pendant light for an attractive look and lighting, as an accent light for ground spotlights, as a track light for texture detail and as a recessed spotlight for color and space detail.

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