Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring Mattress

Are you on a budget? => Bonnel coil

hood coils have the simplest coil structure of all innerspring mattresses. Also known as open-coil mattresses, these mattresses are made of hourglass-shaped steel coils. The coils are designed thinner in the middle so they can be squeezed with gentle pressure.

This simplicity translates into a much lower cost than other innerspring mattresses, making Bonnel coil mattresses the perfect choice for those looking for a budget option. At the same time, the support and comfort cannot be compared to other variants such as offset coils or jacketed coils.

Want something that avoids motion transfer? => Endless roll

An ongoing problem that many couples face is the disruption caused by their partner’s movements on the bed. On inexpensive mattresses, these movements tend to create waves that affect the entire mattress.

A simple but effective measure to combat motion transmission is the permanent coil.

Basically, rows of continuous steel springs are attached using coils to create a seamless structure that distributes pressure evenly without causing ripples in the mattress. This not only prevents the transfer of motion, but also does not raise the price range of the mattress to an expensive level.

Looking for the best contouring and support? => Covered coil

Memory foam typically outperforms innerspring mattresses when it comes to contouring and support. If you want your innerspring mattress to have the best possible properties, you should opt for the coated innerspring mattress.

The encased spring mattress, or pocket spring mattress as it is sometimes called, is the highest quality spring type you can find in a spring mattress. As the name suggests, this species consists of individual feathers wrapped in fabric.

A mattress can be made up of hundreds or even thousands of such “pockets”, giving it an unprecedented level of support. Additionally, because these encased coils are not connected to each other, they offer near-perfect motion isolation, not to mention much better contouring than other mattresses on the market.

The only factor that speaks against buying a pocket spring mattress is the cost. These tend to be the most expensive mattresses, but for good reason; The durability and convenience of these coils are unparalleled.

Need to strike a balance between quality and affordability? => Offset coil

If shell coils are too expensive for you, but Bonnel coils are too simple, offset coils could be just the thing for you.

In terms of structure, the coils are similar to open coils. The difference is that these coils are connected by a network of hinges, which greatly improves load distribution as well as responsiveness to gentle pressure.

Therefore, staggered coils are much better than bonnel coils or continuous coils when it comes to supporting your weight and limiting motion transfer. While this also makes them more expensive than this type of innerspring mattress, the cost is still lower than that of a shell-type innerspring mattress, making offset innerspring mattresses an attractive alternative.

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