Decorative Residential Mailboxes

Decorative Residential Mailboxes

Unless you plan to collect your mail from the post office, you will need a PO box at home for mail delivery. Today, some parts of the city have a pedestrian mail service, so your mailbox must meet the requirements for motorized mail delivery. In addition, an attractive mailbox will add an extra touch to your driveway or lawn.

Individual crates on a plain post

A box on a single post is normally rear mounted but can also be side mounted on a single post. Rear mounting brings the front of the box closer to the road, making it easier for the deliverer to reach the box from a vehicle or from the road. Medium or large boxes facilitate the delivery of small to medium sized packages – ideal for readers or writers who may receive books or send manuscripts in the mail. A good box should also protect your mail, including advertising circulars, from getting wet.

Double or triple boxes

Multiple boxes on a single ledge give your postman one-stop delivery and also reduce visual clutter when multiple people live in one area. Usually the size of a letter, these mailboxes are an efficient way to receive bills, letters, notices and more. Nobody likes to miss an important communication. These boxes can help by providing your postman with a convenient, attractive, and functional place to deliver your mail.

Lighted boxes

Do you always come home after dark and fiddle with your mailbox? Improve your situation with an illuminated mailbox. Some are designed to run on batteries, while others have solar powered lights. Wiring is usually not required. Combined with a robust, tamper-proof and shock-resistant box, a light can reduce postal vandalism and tampering. In summary, an attractive mailbox is important, useful and can enhance the appearance of your property. In combination with a lamp, it can also serve as burglary protection. The boxes below are zip code compliant, beautiful to look at, relatively easy to install and most importantly, extremely practical. Any of them could help you get your mail. They do not announce: “You have mail”, but take care of your paper communication.

Metal mailbox with mail

The Kingston Post Box is machined from aluminum and powder coated to look like antique bronze except for the bright red post collection flag. There are direct burial or surface mount options. Rust and fade resistant, some assembly required. A sturdy box that will enhance your post office collection area with its vintage look.

Chess mailbox

Lewiston mailbox with mail decorated with the knight chess piece that Qualarc brought you. The Lewiston horse post is constructed of rustproof aluminum with a scalloped mount and is accompanied by an E1 economy mailbox with a red aluminum flag and a mailbox support brace. The tail of the horse chess piece is mounted on top of the post.

Double mailbox, one post

A pair of Post Angeles mailboxes attached to a post eliminates clutter when installing multiple posts. Stylish box, ideal for a duplex. The 1812 box series, with its leak-proof single-body construction, is known for its durability and low maintenance. The black color is treated with UV inhibitors to prevent fading. The boxes are from Postal Products Unlimited, Inc.

Post box with post and bus light

The Alderbury Post and Bus Light Post Box is a charming installation to place at the end of your ride. The steel reinforced mast must be buried. The box is powder coated and UV treated, vandal proof and weatherproof. The box offers plenty of space for small packages. The light shines softly, similar to a street lamp. Contains recycled materials and is environmentally friendly.

Construction with three boxes and posts

The Hanford Three Box System with Posts is constructed from aluminum and powder coated for maximum weather resistance. Comes with three E1 letter boxes, bracket and decorative mounting hardware. Decorative ribbed base on post, includes post flag. Ideal for a stable or small house or for neighbors who just want to reduce the number of posts installed.

Mailbox with solar light

Aluminum Lewiston letter box, powder coated to resemble aged bronze. Thanks to the solar light, no wiring is required for the attractive bus light on top of the mounting pole. The assembly comes for Qualarc. An excellent choice for a mailbox at the end of a long drive or even at the end of a short drive. Convenient for postbuses as well as ongoing postal workers.

Bronze mailbox with mail

Aluminum town square letter box and post box, powder coated to look like aged bronze. An included rain overhang protects the post from rain. Can be installed with or without burial, however cement is required to install the post. Red aluminum postal flag is included. An attractive choice for your mail delivery.

Steel colored double box with post

The Salsbury Industries multi-family mailbox contains a mailbox and two rural mailboxes. The complete assembly is made of aluminum. The stable middle post carries a cross brace for the mailboxes. Die-cast hinge for easy door operation, metal flags on both boxes. A tough, attractive set that is suitable for both town and country.

Boulder mailbox with mail

The Boulder Post Box features a sturdy post and two black post boxes with red blade shaped flags. The classically shaped post with exposed base requires grave attachment. The boxes are attached to the back of the box with hangers and pushed onto the street, which makes sense for motorized mail delivery. The set includes newspaper tubes.

Colonial mailbox with mail

Medium-sized classic mailbox with colonial mail. Mounted on the back so the front of the box can be closer to the road. The steel post must be buried. Included is a pickup truck flag in the shape of a red flag. The set is impact-resistant, colorfast and almost maintenance-free. Some assembly is required.

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