Paper Towel & Napkin Holders

Paper Towel & Napkin Holders

No matter how useful a tool is, You want your home to still look good! To ensure your paper towel holder fits the unique aesthetic of your home, first define exactly what that aesthetic is. Take a walk around your property, take a good look at your kitchen and note:

  • What colors do you have on the display?. Do you tend towards bright and colorful patterns or do you prefer pastels and neutral tones?

  • What metals did you exhibit?. Copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass – metals often take a backseat as neutral metals, but each has a unique hue and color.

  • How busy your home is? Are you a maximalist, a minimalist or somewhere in between? Are your counters stocked with items or are they mostly empty?

A wall or closet mounted paper towel holder can help bring focus to your decor and help Provide a minimalist, clean vibeif that is what you are looking for. Since a paper towel holder rarely makes a statement in terms of color, this is probably a good idea Match the colors or metals that are most common in your kitchen. However, if you like bright colors and a vibrant aesthetic, go for a colorful, patterned piece!

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