Murphy Bed Couch Combo

Murphy Bed Couch Combo

A fold out sofa bed is the perfect combination of furniture and bedding if you live in a small apartment. It can also be an excellent option if you don’t have a guest room available. Instead of building an extra guest bedroom, why not buy a murphy bed and couch combo as that is a lot cheaper.

You probably know that not all sofa bed combinations are created equal. Therefore, it’s best if you know some of the crucial factors to consider to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Perhaps the most important factor is the size of the Murphy sofa bed combo. Although this is space-saving furniture, that doesn’t mean that every available piece will fit in your allotted space.

When determining the dimensions, the first thing to consider is the size of the entire part. Make sure it fits well. Don’t make it too big or too small. The other size factor is the bed itself.

In most cases, the bed will stand upright behind the couch. What you need to consider when laying out the bed is the length. When parking, just make sure there is enough space. You want to do all the measurement up front, rather than buying and finding that when you put the bed down the TV hits.

Another point to consider is the main material of the bed. Your main choices are wood and metal.

Wood has the advantage of being more aesthetically pleasing than metal. There is also an atmosphere of coziness. On the downside, it can be expensive, especially if you’re buying one made of solid wood. Another problem with wood is that it warps and bends due to sudden changes in temperature.
Metal is the more durable option. You don’t have to worry about deformation, bending or moisture-related problems. It is also the more economical choice. However, a metal folding bed tends to make annoying noises when in use.

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