Outdoor Lantern  Ideas

Outdoor Lantern  Ideas

One of the first things to consider when choosing an outdoor lantern is how you intend to use that lantern. Not all lanterns are the same. So once you have a clear idea of ​​how you want to use your device, it’s time to narrow down your options.

ambient lighting

When entertaining guests in your garden or patio, proper ambient lighting can transform the ordinary garden into a luxurious setting for wine or whiskey and a cigar. If you’re considering a lantern for ambient lighting, then complicated or patterned Themes are probably not the best choice.

lanterns cast great shadows in dim light, especially if their glass fireplaces or mantels have a patterned or scenic design. The visual impact of shadows is highlighted in the warmer color Temperatures most suitable for outdoor lighting.

cooler Light temperatures have one bluish tintThis can cause outdoor environments to appear sick and faded at night or in the evening. The ideal lamp for ambient lighting outdoors creates light temperature of 2700 K and ideally have little to no designs that could cast long shadows.

Note: Consider using it halogen lamps for atmospheric lighting purposes. As popular as LED bulbs have become, They produce directional light, not diffuse light, this makes them more suitable for Task or functional lighting as ambient lighting. Available in warmer color temperatures, halogen bulbs produce diffused light ideal for creating atmosphere.

Some LED bulbs can be paired with chimneys that diffuse the light for them and change the temperature of the light to match warmer tones weak substitute for halogen lamps.

Decorative lighting

When choosing lighting for your outdoor space, it can be easy to go straight for lightbulbs and lanterns, which are obviously meant to be decorative rather than functional. This can be a mistake devalues ​​your decorative lighting and makes it less effective than it could be.

The first step in choosing decorative lighting is to Make sure your ambient or task lights are already covered. Decorative lanterns often have patterns on their glass chimneys and mantels that can change the color or pattern of the light produced by the bulb inside to create accent lighting or to place patterned displays in your garden or patio.

If your environment is rich in plants, an expansive light show can be a little green at night. Wooden decks or terraces however Good with colorsespecially if it is finished with a natural wood grain.

functional lighting

Functional or spotlighting is most appropriate Daylight or cool white LED lamps in coats that allow for unobstructed directional lighting. Lanterns for functional lighting come into their own above outside stairs, reading corners, card tables or grills.

Place an LED lantern anywhere you use your hands on something complicated.

pest control

Lanterns don’t have to be just about ambient lighting or decorative lighting. They can also protect you from dangerous or annoying pests mosquitoes and sand flies. Some lanterns emit UV light of a specific wavelength that is extremely tempting to most flying insects. Once the insects get close enough, an electric shock is delivered, usually killing them fast and human.

Insect killers are generally not easy on the eye. So if you’ve given up on finding something that’s aesthetically pleasing or that suits your decor, we understand. If you’re hoping for a simple solution to your aesthetic dilemma, consider using a bug lantern rests on a shepherd’s hook.

These lanterns are usually available in black and are easy to assemble in rustic, contemporary or modern decor. Hooked beetle shepherd lanterns can be used as interesting but discreet accents in the corners of your garden without being visually intrusive.

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