Top rated laminate flooring manufacturers

Top rated laminate flooring manufacturers

If you are looking for a new flooring for your home and you are on a very tight budget then the best idea is laminate flooring which has become a very strong alternative to real stone flooring.

In this article, we give you some guidelines on the best laminate flooring manufacturers available.


Pergo is actually the original manufacturer of laminate floors. This manufacturer was founded in 1980 by a Swedish company that actually invented the laminate flooring technique and bought both laminate and plastic products on the market. Pergo was subsequently acquired by US-based Mohawk Industries and continued to dominate the market as the leading laminate flooring manufacturer

Pergo’s wood and stone look laminate collections are both sublime and extensive.

There is something for every style and taste in the Pergo range, from authentically crafted classics like oak and hickory, to beautifully translated exotics like bamboo, to tactfully veined limestone marble and dramatically shaggy slate. And their laminates are also available in a variety of thicknesses, widths and finishes.


If the Pergo manufacturer doesn’t have enough choices for you, Mohawk manufacturers currently offer 138 laminate floors including exotic woods, stone, and hardwoods. The collection mainly includes classic styles and finishes.

With a distinguished history of providing all types of quality flooring products and Mohawk’s preeminent leadership in this area, the products are readily available and well known at many retail outlets and contractors across the country.

Shaw floors

The company is best known in the US for its dominance in rugs and carpeting, but entered the flooring industry in 2002 by opening its 1st companySt Laminate flooring options. Today Shaw has no less than 190 products in its laminate flooring range.

Shaw was 1stSt Bringing high-gloss laminates onto the market that match almost any interior design in a variety of wood looks.

Fast step

Quick Step is a manufacturer founded in 1960 by a company in Belgium. This manufacturer innovates and launches new products on the world market, with interesting collections of laminate floors. Some collections are available in extra large lengths of up to 54 inches, allowing you to achieve a more precise hardwood floor look.


This manufacturer’s laminate flooring range is worth considering. Two of the wood look laminates such as the Diamond Bay and Restoration collections are worth checking out.

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