Oversized Decorative Wall Clocks

Oversized Decorative Wall Clocks

Here is the most comprehensive list of oversized decorative wall clocks currently available on the market. As you may already know, time is an important aspect of our lives. In fact, time awareness is one of the keys to success. A room without a clock not only feels incomplete, it’s not as functional as you’d like it to be. Because wall clocks come in different models, we’ve put together expert tips for choosing the right clock for your home.

material and colour

Various materials are used in the manufacture of decorative, especially oversized, wall clocks. Some of them have a metal, plastic or wooden construction with different finishes and colors. It is best to choose the material and color that harmonize with the existing furnishings of your room. Since the clock will be mounted on a wall, it should also contrast with the color of the wall.

size and placement

The placement of a wall clock determines the correct size of your clock. Personally, as an interior designer, I would place the clock where it is immediately visible. If you need a clock for your kitchen, you want it to be as large as possible so that it is easy to read and serves as a handy timer when preparing meals.


An oversized decorative wall clock shows your personality. So choose the one that represents you and your character. Of course, it should match the interior design of your home and add both structure and character to the space. Just as you would select pictures to hang on the wall, you should take your time when choosing between different stunning units as a clock can affect the overall look of a room. If you’re unsure about choosing a wall clock, go for one with a style that blends seamlessly into your space. A silver wall clock would look great in elegant bedrooms. Vintage style wall clocks, on the other hand, are part of more traditional and formal living spaces. Now you can choose your next decorative wall clock!

Oversized Quinlynn Farmhouse Wall Clock

It doesn’t get more rustic and casual than this oversized wall clock from Rosecliff Heights. This clock features a turquoise finish, hand-painted Arabic numerals and cedar slats. This will surely make itself felt regardless of where it is added.

Sonia oval wall clock

A clock should not only be functional, it should also be a talking point on the wall. This piece in particular is exactly what draws attention to itself when one perceives the atmosphere of a room. With its blue-green finish, Roman dial, rustic charm and high-quality quartz movement, you won’t want to put it down.

The sturdy iron material from which the entire piece is crafted is a testament to the fact that Studio Designs HOME created an oversized wall clock. This wall clock features two slim brushed steel hands. The hands blend into the silhouette and color-coordinated material of the entire watch. Because part of the clock is blank, you can still see the clearly defined edges of the clock hands.

Malbec wall clock

Another product from one of our favorite home decor manufacturers, Birch Lane, is the Malbec Wall Clock, a solid wood wall clock. It’s a work of craftsmanship, making it a piece guaranteed to naturally enhance a space. Its traditional look allows it to adapt to any environment, especially with its home-made design.

30 inch blue wooden wall clock

Would you like to bring the ocean into your home? The truly amazing design of this piece allows you to do just that! This is a remarkable oversized wall clock that can seriously accentuate any living space with its amazing features. It looks like it’s hand painted, but the print and Arabic numerals are actually printed directly onto the wood.

If the interior design of your home is changing towards classic and vintage style, then this 32-inch model from Beachcrest Home will definitely fit the bill. Traditional Arabic numerals replace Roman numerals on the analog dial, adding a touch of antiquity to the entire piece. It is a decorative 32 inch wall clock that has a vintage look but the technology is totally modern which you will love!

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