Recliner chairs at your service

Recliner chairs at your service

A recliner as a piece of furniture is not only very comfortable to use, but is also very trendy and gives your living room style. Sun loungers are designed in such a way that the backrest can be reclined at an angle of more than 90 degrees, providing more comfort and relaxation than their counterparts. It can be tilted to any angle depending on the user’s comfort level. Relaxing chairs also offer enough space to stretch out your legs.

They are mostly made of leather, which makes them look and feel very comfortable. The chair allows for angle adjustment via a release mechanism and usually has a built-in headrest, footrest, cup holder and recoil mechanism. It offers great convenience to people with disabilities, broken backs and pregnant women.

There are numerous styles and types of recliner chairs available online and in retail stores. A two-position recliner allows you to recline up to a 45-degree angle, but cannot lie down. This feature is built into a three-position recliner. With a stepless reclining position, the footrest can be operated independently of the backrest. All relaxation chairs are fully motorized and all functions are hand-controlled.

There are also different types of sun loungers, such as: B. Swivel sun loungers that rotate 360 ​​degrees and have a separate footstool, a lounge chair and a massage lounge chair

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