So you want to build a botanical garden in your yard?

So you want to build a botanical garden in your yard?

Before you start digging, think carefully about what you really want from the backyard. You may soon find that an average sized garden simply cannot provide everything that a botanical garden needs.


The main purpose of a botanical garden is to provide a collection of plants with some scientific basis. These gardens are not designed for domestic outdoor use by singles, families or couples.

Before starting any design idea, you need to be aware that the look of your garden will be influenced by more everyday home garden items such as children’s playground equipment, flower sheds, household containers, clothesline, etc.

The plant collection is designed to meet the needs of a family. If it’s the other way around, the plants will likely snap and the garden will look a total mess.

Of course, a botanical garden can offer a children’s playground and outdoor seating areas, but these actions can often be separated from the plant collections. It is unlikely that a play area will also be the only accessible place to place a very rare plant.

In general, botanical gardens are large, while domestic gardens are moderately small. Creating a thriving botanical garden in a tiny space is very different from creating a thriving botanical garden in a large area.
Why not consider a botanical garden of a small class of plants within the overall garden structure?

Remember to repeat the use of plants wherever possible to ensure visual cohesion.

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