Wooden Boat Decor

Wooden Boat Decor

Escape the summer heat and everyday stress with enchanting nautical decorations that invite you to cool off and relax by the river, lake or sea. Water is a living medium, always full of surprises, no matter what type of water it is. Even stagnant water has its own fulfilled life. Babbling brooks, rushing rivers, vast lakes and the vast ocean call to us with a voice hard to ignore. A large part of life on our planet comes from them. No wonder we humans like to decorate our homes with reminders of these cradles of life.

Half the rowboat

If you get almost any book about summer cottages or the coast, you can find half of all rowboats in the crafts department. By standing an old flat-bottomed rowboat on its flat end, or by cutting off the broken part of a leaking canoe, you can easily add shelves for books or plants. Or just add a shelf and have a shaded perch overlooking the sea.

model boats

Miniature replicas are a great way to honor the great ships, even those that no longer sail regularly. The ocean is indeed a huge place. Assembling a miniature makes modern travelers wonder how fragile were those little wooden barges with a few squares of canvas that once sailed to all parts of the world. Models can also improve the perception of modern seagoing vessels.

wall decorations

Add a nautical touch to your home with a wooden relief or a framed picture of boats. You could even purchase a printed replica of a classic sailing ship painting like Fishing Boats in Arles. You can add wallpaper or a wallpaper frieze or carpet that picks up and repeats the theme.

Sea lamps, centerpieces and other decorations

Brighten your night with boat-shaped lamps or lampshades decorated with anchors, boats, or other items that match the waterways. Use a miniature rowboat or canoe to keep track of your keys and other small bags, or decorate one with a miniature scene to decorate your table. Below are some ideas for decorating wooden boats.

Wooden sailboat wall decoration

Bring a nautical flair to a room with this house-shaped wood carving of a sailboat and seagull. The seagull and sailboat are crafted from flat wood, painted and distressed, and then applied to a neutral beige background. The relief is first framed in light blue, then in rough barn wood. It is an excellent choice for a seaside holiday home.

Set of two miniature rowing boats

This set of two Birch Lane nautical wooden boats will be a conversation piece or centerpiece for your next party. They are lovingly handcrafted and resemble the rowing boats that bring the ship to shore. They can be filled with almost anything. Hang one of these along with a load of corals for a nice decoration.

model sailboat

Reminisce about the ships of yesteryear with this three-masted square ship model ship. This small ship has been carefully crafted and placed on a neutral dark stand. It’s ready to float above your dining table as a centerpiece or adorn the mantel in your living room. It is brought to you from China by Cole and Gray.

Wooden sailing model boat

A beautiful centerpiece, mantle decoration or end table overlay, this model sailing ship will captivate all onlookers. This charming ship, which Cole & Gray offers along with several other models, will take you into uncharted waters of interior design while you combine it with your other decor. The company has other various nautical options that go well with the model ship.

Half Boat Organizer Lamp

The American Girls Handy Book in Chapter VIII provides instructions for building a cottage by the sea, including making bookshelves using a flat-bottomed half rowboat. Here you have the same miniature half of a rowboat, with a shelf and a lamp on top. A perfect reading lamp to brighten the mood for Treasure Island or even read about Jo and Beth from Little Women on the Coast.

Half boat shaped wine rack

You can’t go wrong with a half boat decoration in the Seashore Cottage theme. In this case, half the boat houses a classic wine rack to prevent your port or rum bottles from being shaken prematurely. It holds twelve bottles, with the small top shelf reserved for serving glasses.

Rowing boat wooden bowl

Decorative boat-shaped wooden bowl made from pressed fibreboard. Perfect for filling with white beach sand and adding miniatures to create a coastal panorama that can be placed on a side table or used as a centerpiece. It would also be a great landing spot for keys, wallet and more.

1:1 scale motor boat model

Carefully structured to closely resemble a three cockpit powerboat, this scale model of Breakwater Bay is sure to turn heads as part of your model boat collection. Rare, high quality wood is used to craft this little beauty. Place it in your entryway or use it as a centerpiece because it definitely deserves a place of honor.

Sail Away bedside lamp

Sail into the sea of ​​dreams, watched over by this cute Brundage 14-inch wooden sailboat table lamp. The base in the shape of a sailing boat is made of molded wood and the fabric shade shows a classic anchor decor. It is an excellent addition to any bedside table.

Accent mirror with boot frame

If you look into your eyes, you can see your face framed by a small blue and white boat that reads, “Relax, you are on Lake Time.” We couldn’t just wish! But maybe this cheery mirror will help you get through the week until you’re really at sea and your fishing line is dangling in the water.

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