Some interesting and beautiful ideas for diy shelves

Some interesting and beautiful ideas for diy shelves

“DIY”, the full form of DIY, is “do it yourself”. It means doing something with the advice of experts. If you want to make some DIY shelves, use some scrap products. If you have a blank wall in your home or office, you can decorate it with some interesting DIY shelving ideas. These shelves can consist of useless products. It either gives your room a great look or a different look and is also useful.

Below are some interesting DIY shelving ideas:

  • corner self- Such shelves can be placed in a corner of the room. It can be used to store things that are no longer needed. It can be crafted from wood and ply. It can always be decorated with some paints or papers that you have at home.
  • door independence This kind of self emerges from a useless door. It is made by connecting with doors. It is mounted in the corner. In a corner, place two doors covering both wall corners and place a divider between these doors to create an equal sized space. You can use this shelf to display some books, showpieces, etc.
  • Tape mount shelves If you live in a rented apartment and cannot put up some shelves, you can use this idea. For hanging you will need plywood and strange ribbons. The installation is very easy. You can use it to store many light items.

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