Use a 2-in-1 sofa as hide a bed sofa for comfort in your home

Use a 2-in-1 sofa as hide a bed sofa for comfort in your home

A sofa bed, also called a “sleeper sofa” in some circles, is a sofa with 2-in-1 functionality. The sofa, which can serve as a two-seater or three-seater or even as a sofa set, can be transformed into a sofa bed through a simple mechanism. That’s what you need to hide in a sofa bed.

This design features a bed frame and the mattress is folded or tucked under the sofa seat cushion. The sofa is converted into a bed by pulling out the bed frame, by first lifting the top of the sofa, or depending on the mechanism used. The frame is designed with an unfolded mattress, creating a bed that can sleep one or two people.

Fur frame for a sofa bed

A sofa bed consists of a wooden and a metal frame. The wooden frame is for the sofa, while the metal frame is for the hidden bed underneath. Due to the mechanical movements when accessing the bed under the sofa, it is a metal construction. This can be a twist or a click.

Sizes of hide-a-bed sofas

The different sizes of a sofa bed refer to the sofa size. A traditional loveseat should make a double bed. You can have a larger bed in a three or more seater sofa. Let’s say you are looking for a double bed or a larger bed. A three-seater or a sofa bed can offer you this size.

The convenience of hiding a sofa bed

Using a sofa bed may not offer you the full comfort you desire as a long-term user. This may be due to the mattress size which in most cases is twin size which may not be comfortable for adults but works well for a cot. If it’s for guests for a night or two that would be fine. Additionally, you can get large beds in some contemporary designs that are articulated beds with a lot more seating.

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