Changing tables make it easier

Changing tables make it easier

The baby’s parents have the benefit of using a changing table by being more relaxed on their back and knees, making it easier to change the baby. Most tables range in height from 36 to 44 inches, with a large number of tables offering storage for laundry detergent, rash cream, extra diapers, and a toy to keep baby occupied while changing diapers. Individuals who are shorter or taller than average height may want to try an in-store changing table before purchasing a table. If it seems to be an itch, you should choose a different table.

The Consumers’ Association believes that a changing table should have barriers on all sides to create a safe area when changing a baby. If you want another option, you may need a change pad that attaches to the top of a dresser. If you choose to go single direction, make sure the changing pad has two contrasting, contoured sides with a self-control band. In some cases, a baby will outgrow a changing table by the age of two, at which point the table usually becomes a dresser at this stage of the game.

Most changing tables are made out of wood, but few are made out of wicker, vinyl, plastic, or even metal. It usually features a window sill, baskets, or drawers for storage. This allows you to have the essentials close at hand, making changing your baby easier.

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