Shower Walls And Surrounds

Shower Walls And Surrounds

One of the first decisions you need to make is how exactly you want to clad your walls. For most people, this decision comes down to whether or not to use ceramic tile or wall panels.

Here’s a quick look at the difference between the two and how they can impact installation, budget, and longevity.

  • What is the difference between shower panels and tiles?

Tiles have long been the standard for wall cladding in showers. Usually made individually from ceramics, a tiled wall in your shower is absolutely waterproof, durable and very versatile in terms of design.

Panels or “wet walls”On the other hand, they are usually made of either PVC, acrylic or laminate and can be bought in large sheets. A newer and more modern option, the panels are 100% waterproof and can be offered in a variety of finishes.

  • Which type is easier to install?

Regarding the installation, Unlike ceramic tiles, panels are much easier to lay. All panel types can either be cut to exact size to your specifications or you can purchase them in a standard size best suited for showers.

While you can hire a professional to install your new panels, it’s also common to install them yourself using basic tools you likely already have at home.

The tiles, on the other hand, have to be laid individually – which means that laying the surface can take a long time. In addition, tiles usually have to be installed by a professional or someone who is familiar with tile installation.

To give you even more perspective,Professional tiling can take up to 2-3 days, while tiling can be fully completed within a few hours.

  • How can tiles or panels affect my budget?

Panels are a much cheaper option than tiles considering the cost of each tile and the labor involved in installing it.

If you are on a tight budgetPanels are the best choice as they are not only cheap but also provide a 100% waterproof solution for your shower.

However,If you want to give your bathroom a more refined, personal or artistic touchNothing beats a stunning shower tile decoration that serves as the centerpiece of the bathroom. However, this is complex and can be expensive.

  • Tiles or panels, which one lasts longer?

Over a long period of time A well tiled area will last much longer than any commercially available panel. However, tile is grout and can be difficult to clean and maintain. Individual tiles are also prone to cracking or cracking, meaning you may need to replace certain tiles on a regular basis.

Because panels are so easy to replace and reinstall, many people prefer to simply swap them out when needed rather than spread them out on expensive tiles first.

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