Fake Grass Decor For Your Home

Fake Grass Decor For Your Home

If you consider yourself a serial killer of plants or just can’t incorporate live plants into your home because they are poisonous to your pets, you can still add lots of attractive greenery to your home with faux grass decor! Find out buying tips in this article and check out our collection of the best faux grass decorations available online. Not all of us have a green thumb. If you’re like us, we might not intend to, but no matter what we do, we’re not just capable of keeping houseplants alive. Believe us when we say that we will certainly take your frustration as it happened to us. However, instead of giving up the whole idea of ​​bringing nature into our homes, we have resorted to artificial grass decor and it has not only enhanced the aesthetics of our homes but also our mood with its calming and soothing effect on the soul. In the past, artificial grass decor was frowned upon, but interior designers and homeowners are now considering the low maintenance as fashionable! In fact, the market is full of amazing artificial grass decorations that make it hard to decide which one suits your home best. Don’t worry, we have what you need right now: an artificial grass decor buying guide! Yes, you heard that right. Hear!


Artificial grass decorations used to look completely fake, but technology has changed that. Artificial grass decorations have also evolved and now offer realistic colors and textures. There are even those with reflective properties, especially the plastic variant. Artificial grass filled with foam has an ultra-realistic textile quality. Fabric artificial grass is more susceptible to damage and wear and tear. When the materials have faded from constant exposure to the sun, having an artificial grass decoration in your home is a clear indication.

UV resistance

If you plan to expose your artificial grass decor to sunlight, choose UV resistant material so it won’t crack or fade. A good manufacturer will always offer a crack and fade guarantee. If you are considering decorating your outdoor living space with artificial grass, choose bamboo with embedded UV protection over a temporary spray as it will last longer and brighten up your driveway or sidewalk. These tips will ensure you get the best faux grass decoration for your home. Now that you are in a position to make the right decision, read the top tips below!

Mini plastic artificial plants green grass

Add a touch of green to your home with this lifelike potted grass decoration. It’s not just for black thumbs (like us), but also for green thumb gardeners with a good sense of style! It is the perfect addition to your home as it requires no cleaning or maintenance. It is best suited for indoor use.

Live Laugh Love Print Desktop weed in a cylinder jar

This 3 piece artificial grass decor set from Andover Mills can fill any tabletop with the beauty of spring all year round. With these weed-filled cylindrical jars and an ornate print, you don’t even have to worry about cleaning and watering. The set is maintenance-free and allergy-free and sets a great accent on your coffee table.

Artificial grass in a pot

Flank your front door with this lifelike PVC grass that has been carefully crafted. Set in a classic style green pot, this artificial grass decor requires no pruning. It’s carefree, trouble-free, and its color comes very close to the actual plant it’s mimicking.

Grass in a rectangular planter I

This flowing artificial grass arrangement features lush greenery nestled within a black rectangular pot. It is green all year round with no need for watering or maintenance. The most incredible thing about this decor is that its saturated color makes any living room look more welcoming and warm.

Artificial grass in a square glass vase

Add an organic touch to your home office or entryway with this artificial grass decor from Highland Dunes. This quality product includes a glass dice container that goes well with both leather furniture and antique-inspired wall decorations. This grass species takes a long time to grow, but you can skip the wait and maintenance with this sleek, artificial version.

Silk grass in a round decorative vase

Would you like to add a decorative piece to your home that will evoke pleasant emotions? Then this tall, flowing faux grass is for you. Featuring cascading grass with small cattails and a stunning glazed vase, it will add color to your space without going over the top.

Artificial grass in a planter

Vanilla grass loves bright and direct sunlight, but this artificial variety will understand if you don’t have an apartment with lots of natural light. It looks incredibly realistic that you’ll be tempted to get out your watering can. Add to that the fact that it features a modern zinc finish and you have the perfect addition to the living room.

Onion table grass in the decorative vase

The shades and details of this artificial grass decor make the grass indistinguishable from the authentic version. Real onion leaves are not safe for pets, but this artificial version is an excellent choice for the owner of a curious pet. It’s worth noting how this unit’s high-quality decorative planter box can add an elegant flair to tabletops.

Square conical artificial rye grass planter

Decorate your desk with this artificial ryegrass that doesn’t mind the extra long weekends. You might think that killing ryegrass is impossible, but it certainly can happen. With this version, you don’t have to worry about equipment failure or maintenance. This artificial grass cluster is planted on a conical wooden planter with a washed finish.

Rustic Snowflake Grass Hanging Flower Pot

It would be very unconventional to hang this plastic snowflake grass hanging planter in your living space. The planter houses 12 stems of faux snowflake grass that exudes a southwestern chic vibe. This stunning imitation has captured the delicate look of grass that will instantly enhance the ambiance of any room.

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