Egyptian Home Decor

Egyptian Home Decor

Many people like good Egyptian home decor, but finding the perfect pieces can be difficult. Life in ancient Egypt was not homogeneous. There were many different lifestyles, so planning the backdrop for a room is important. Sandstone or bamboo wall treatment is the most common. Knowing the Egyptian deities will help you plan what message you want your decoration to convey. For example, you might want to choose a deity to oversee a certain aspect of life. Another consideration is planning how each piece will be used. Many Egyptian decorations are fragile and should be used in a protected environment, while others cannot be used outdoors. Some vases are for decoration only, others can be used as planters. Each choice gives your home a unique atmosphere.

Determine the correct height and weight

Measure out the areas where you want to place your items. Also note the different weight limits and minimum values. Care should be taken when selecting the parts in the outdoor area. Some traditional pieces might be too vibrant for modern communities. Size is a worthwhile consideration as adequate support is required, especially with larger parts. For example, you don’t want to place a heavy stone vase weighed down with potting soil and a plant on a fragile wall shelf.

Define the style of your region

Defining the style may require some preliminary research. You may want to decide whether to focus on a select deity or generalize. If you decide on an Isis theme it would be appropriate to include a wonderful piece featuring Osiris as her husband. Seth and Isis, on the other hand, would not get along well as they are ideologically opposite. Additional planning will help you coordinate the space and can even impress Egyptology students who are viewing the space. For this reason, when choosing the pieces, you should not only determine the themes, but also pay attention to the message of each piece. Egyptian home decor can be particularly satisfying for collectors or avant-garde idealists looking to make a statement. The Egyptian pantheon and stylized artworks encompassed the wide spectrum of life in ancient Egypt and gave the modern collector ample opportunity to express himself or make a statement of personal lifestyle.

Ancient Egyptian Ankh Wall Tablet

If quality is what you want, the Ancient Egyptian Ankh Tablet is for you. Each imprint on this ankh has a very detailed reason and meaning. Rich in historical symbols, this ankh has everything. The black base with gold finish makes this piece stand out on your wall or desk.

Egyptian Horus wall decoration

This resin Horus wall decor is full of color and life that can add something to any Egyptian-themed room. A natural gold base color goes well with any bamboo background. Horus mounts his ankhs on each claw with the traditional sun disk above his head. It is handmade and combines many different color nuances.

Icons of the Egyptian Empire as wall decoration

This wall decoration combines many Egyptian icons. The wall mount shows the sphinx in all its glory. Behind the sphinx stands the great Isis, the mother goddess, with arms spread wide, as well as a pyramid and the sun, which shines with all its might. The wall mount itself is hand painted and cast in resin.

Sculptural gable wall decoration of Egyptian temple

Egyptian temple sculpture pediment wall decoration is a significant piece above a door for any Egyptian themed room. It has an aged gold hue and spans 40 inches across Ur-Uatchti. In the center is the goddess Nechebet, flanking a bright red sun disk. This symbol is known for having been in many temples and protecting the people inside from evil.

Egyptian temple stele Tutankhamun wall decoration

The golden image of Tutankhamen is one that every Egyptian devotee knows and is a must-have for any collection. Measuring 10″ x 8″ this decor can be hung almost anywhere. The ebony and gold finishes are suitable for any room with a sandstone motif. It’s a piece that defines a space rather than accentuating it to truly complete a set.

Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten wall decoration

If you’re looking to bring some of the mystery of Egypt into your home, nothing beats an Akhenaten wall decor. This sculpture is of an old black man as he was the heretical king who introduced new beliefs and ideas. This piece has a lot to offer everyone and has many other meanings.

Egyptian Cobra Goddess Wall Decor

There are many unique styles of Egyptian heritage wall decorations, but none stands out quite like the Egyptian cobra goddess on the wall with an eye-catching look. This golden cobra head looks like it’s practically chasing you. The texture work is amazing with her dark inlay making the gold finish stand out even more as she looks up at you.

Eye of Horus Egyptian Vase

This Egyptian Eye of Horus Vase is colorful and decorated with one of the most powerful motifs, the “Wadjet”, also known as the Eye of Horus. Its amphora shape is familiar to many vase collectors and is a durable design. This protection symbol is intended for indoor use and can add life and color to any part of the house or tabletop.

Pharaoh Ramses I Egyptian Ruler Wall Sculpture

If you are looking for antique pieces to match your Egyptian style room, Ramses I comes to mind. This gold wall piece can grab your attention for many reasons. The top can be used as a shelf for other memorabilia or antiques. Weighing 9 pounds, this unique piece is perfect for your home or garden.

Egyptian hourglass of time

The Sands of Time hourglass can be placed in any room in the house as it fits almost anywhere you like. The complex design of the body is quickly noticed. The black and antique gold finish ensures this piece will stand out in any room.

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