How to decorate your stairs with carpet runners

How to decorate your stairs with carpet runners

The most eye-catching feature of your interior design is the carpet runner for your stairs. Therefore, finding a good carpet runner is a very important decision. Because the visibility of the carpet runner is many times higher than that of the floor carpet because it is above, below and at eye level. When buying a carpet runner, the following things should therefore be considered.

First, the carpet should be of the same quality as the carpets in other parts of the house or to suit your budget. This is because the stair carpet is used in very narrow, cramped and high traffic areas of your home. It’s not about visibility, it’s about how often you need to replace it. You don’t want to change it very often, so it’s better to pay attention to the quality.

With some carpet materials, the back of the carpet is very slightly visible. Therefore, the carpet looks different when it is curved than when it is flat. They may not be the best piece to cover your stairs. Therefore, it is necessary to take home a sample of it, bend it, shine lights on it, and examine the tapestry of all angels. After all of this, make a decision.

Stair poles with side clips can be used to hold the rug in place. But now grab rails are very popular. Unique pinless grippers are also available with foam backed carpets. This keeps the carpet firmly in the jaws. The strips of wood are used in pairs, one behind the tread and one at the bottom of the riser to hold the rug in place.

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