Some tips for futon mattresses

Some tips for futon mattresses

The futon is a Japanese item used either as a mattress or as a bedding. It is traditional Japanese bed linen. We can use it both as a bed and as a sofa. It can be folded. Often it can be folded from the middle. There are many sizes such as single, semi-double, double, etc. Futon mattresses on a wooden or metal frame. The size of the mattress should be determined according to the frame. Because it should fit perfectly into this frame. It consists of several layers. Each layer is filled with foam, cotton, wool or synthetic batting.

These mattresses use padding that is appropriate for both the bed and the mattress. It’s thick for the sofa and soft for the bed. Choose your mattress according to your wishes. Who will use this mattress? How often will they sleep on it? Where is the mattress or bed placed? These are some important points to consider when making your purchase.

Here we present the list of futon mattresses depending on who will be using them:

  • futon mattresses for the child These mattresses are specially designed for a child. With these mattresses, special attention is paid to comfort and softness. Adorable cotton and wool are used for children’s comfort. The size of the mattress is selected specifically for each age group of children.
  • Futon mattresses for adults- These mattresses are specially designed for adults. Since they have to be extra strong and thick due to their weight. A standard adult size bed is 15 cm thick.

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