Wedding Columns For Sale

Wedding Columns For Sale

Wedding columns can be combined with wedding arches and other decorations to add a traditional look to your festive decorations. They can also be used for other occasions, e.g. B. for graduations, boardrooms, libraries and more. Columns were once an integral part of architecture and served only to support buildings. In the meantime, they have become more decorative in their use.

Imitation Roman Columns

These artificial Roman columns are made of plastic but look like they might have been found along the Via Marcus Aurelius or in the Roman Forum. They are of course much smaller, making them perfect as part of your wedding decorations. They accommodate a 10″ x 10″ flower plate or can be used to support other meaningful decorations. They can also be used to decorate a boardroom, library or even a birthday party. They make great temporary decorations or more permanent room decorations.

These Roman columns add dignity and solemnity no matter where they are placed. They are easy to transport and easy to store. They can be displayed or kept for use at various events. In addition to weddings, meetings and birthdays, they can also be attractive for graduation.

Pointed Venetian Wedding Columns

Support beautiful floral arrangements, mark the way for the procession, flank the dais for the person officiating the ceremony, or simply use as general decoration. These lace-like Venetian Wedding Columns can easily be used for decoration, traffic control and more. Standing forty-one inches tall and twelve inches wide at the base, they’re certainly hard to miss. Cover them with bouquets, meaningful symbols or just leave them plain. Add streamers or cables to direct traffic, or set up reserved seating for family members.

No matter where you place these beautiful pillars, they add to the overall celebration of any occasion. Use them to support special items to be used at the ceremony or to mark special locations. Her delicate, regal looks are both dignified and festive, perfect for weddings, graduations, or similar life milestones. They could even be used as a farewell party for someone who has recently retired and is preparing to fulfill their dreams.

Adjustable Roman Wedding Columns

If you like the look of Roman columns in your festive celebrations, you’ll love these adjustable Roman columns. Sections can be stacked up to three high, or just one, creating three height options from 41″ to 67″ without the need to place feather or flower baubles on top. Each pillar features a 15″ base that is a 12″ square for stand and stability, and a similarly sized top. Decorations increase height. Avoid heavy decorations as they could destabilize the pillars.

The pillars can be used on stairs or to give the impression of standing on something and directing the gaze to a central location. They are easy to assemble and disassemble. Due to their cross-section, they are easy to store. Weddings, graduations, retirement parties and more – almost anything can be decorated with these pillars.

Pillars studded with crystals

This graceful urn on a pillar will almost take your breath away. The base of the pure white plinth is inlaid with tiny metal flakes, and the bands of these gleaming flakes are repeated in each narrow space of the column and at the base of the urn. The urn is decorated with a crossed floral design made from raised material. At the intersection of each line crossing is a white cabochon crystal drop. The overall effect is lush, beautiful and yet somehow understated, especially when the urn is filled with a bouquet of white roses and baby’s breath. It is the perfect choice for flanking the altar at a wedding or adorning the base of the stairs at a christening. This is the perfect decoration for an event full of celebration and joy.

Simple inexpensive Venetian columns

These simple pillars are cheaper than some of the fancier ones but can still do the job. They can include floral decorations, light busts and other symbolic sculptures, mark traffic areas, and demarcate areas with reserved seating. They look good, are easy to set up and don’t set off alarm bells at the wedding ceremony. They’re a beautiful, conservative decoration that, while not raising “extravagantly beautiful” rockets, show signs that you’re putting some thought and care into planning the wedding setting.

Add in some beautiful floral arrangements that show off the bride and groom’s color choices, and you have something that’s memorable and tasteful. They can easily be kept and used for other occasions such as graduations, board meetings and even birthday parties.

Build a stately colonnade

Not every column is designed for a wedding, graduation, or other celebration. Some are just for everyday use or to decorate your home. This is the case with the connected top column. It can be placed in any part of your home that could use an accent. Not intended for support, they can help hold a lightweight cloth bag or maintain the corners of a false ceiling.

They can also be used to attach Christmas lights, curtains or as a frame for a special wardrobe. The columns are eight feet tall and can be painted to match any decor, including faux marble. They can be used to give your interior a Roman or Greek look.

Elegant wedding column

This elegant column features the undulations of many Greek or Roman columns. It can be ordered in a variety of heights, ranging from 24 inches to just over ten feet. It can be used as a wedding pillar by placing floral decorations or symbolic ornaments on each base, or used as a more permanent decorative element in your home. It fits easily in a library, boardroom, office or even your dining room. Its economical design suits almost any interior, from shabby chic to modern shapes.

It is made of weatherproof resin/plastic and can be used outdoors. Combined with an arbor or garden statue, these pillars can help transform your home garden into a reflection of Italian gardens.

Greek column base

Embellish the path to your wedding altar with this sand-colored pedestal or decorate your flower beds. It is weather resistant and can be used well both indoors and outdoors. Simply position and fill with sand. Otherwise, you can use the top to place flower plates or other pretty decorations on the base. The sand-colored surface is easy to care for. If necessary, wipe them with a soft cloth. You can also top it off with light busts or other interesting ornaments. Just a note of caution: it CANNOT be used with eyeballs. The heavy metal balls get too warm for the resin composition of the base.

Considerations when buying columns

When buying pillars for wedding decorations, you should think about where they will be used, how many of them you need, what height is most practical and – of course – what you will decorate them with. Some pillars are more expensive than others, some work both indoors and outdoors, while others can only be used indoors. Poly/resin columns are popular and often work well both indoors and outdoors. They are easy to set up and easy to take down and store.

Applications of Pillars

Columns can be used for different purposes. They can transport vases, urns, bouquets of flowers and light ornaments. Larger columns can be used to support strips of fabric or more formal arches. Decorative ropes can be attached to them to control the flow of traffic at a major event. Small pillars can be embedded in flower beds to support urns or small, lightweight sculptures.

Construction and maintenance of polyresin and acrylic columns

Columns are often filled with sand, especially the base. This allows them to stand upright without being staked or sunk into the ground. They are easy to care for. Just wipe them regularly with a soft cloth to remove any dust and dirt that may have fallen on them. Although they can be damaged by the sun, they will last for many years with minimal care. This means that the pillars you used to mark the area for your wedding procession can become garden decorations that last for several years.

symbolism and pillars

For antiquity, columns often represented trees. Trees represented life. They bore fruit, nested things on their branches, they provided shade, and they provided wood for heat, light, and furniture. In fact, some of the earliest pillars were tree trunks that were turned over to prevent their growth. Although this would not be necessary for all tree species, willows can be grown from cuttings, for example. Pillars represent the male principle, not only for obvious reasons, but because they were often the supporting part of a house, temple, or official building. For East Indians, a pillar could represent the chakras, believed to be arranged in a straight line on the back. The curved sections at the top featured ram’s horns. Other designs featured leaves or fruit.

pillars in architecture

Columns were once an integral part of the architecture of any large building for one simple and practical reason: they supported the roof. Before engineers learned about arches and invented steel beams and similar modern building materials, piers were essential for supporting large areas of roofs. Nowadays pillars can perform this function, but the decorative acrylic or polyresin pillars can create the illusion of old times by using pillars in a way that makes them appear to be holding something although it is mostly for display. If you like something like this, you can use columns to create a kind of artificial ruin in your garden or near your terrace.

Buy pillars

There are many options when buying decorative columns. Many of them mimic real columns used in ancient architecture. For your garden or event, consider the purpose of the columns, the number required, the individual or collective cost, and your overall budget for decoration. Size matters too, as decorative pillars come in a variety of sizes, ranging from around 2 feet to over 10 feet in height. There are also some differences in the size of the base and the top. To achieve the look you want, it’s important to think about these sizes. For example, it would not be enough to place a ten foot column in a room with a ceiling height of eight feet. You also don’t want to try to put a large flower tray on a 6 inch pillar.

If you plan to place a peepball or other heavy object on the pillar, make sure it is suitable for it. Stainless steel balls can be heavy and heat up in the sun. Sculptures made of stone or clay can also pose a challenge. You want the right column to support such items. This is an important factor in the longevity of your socket.

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